Meet the SAM Team

Meet our awesome, hard-working SAM Team:

Lenzo Adrilenzo Cassoma

Senior Photographer/Videographer 

Major: Mass Communication (Journalism track) & Psychology

Fun Fact: I did ballet for four years and I loved it


Twitter: @adrilenzo | Instagram: @adrilenzo

FullSizeRenderHelen Grafton

Promotions Manager

Major: Mass Communication

Fun Fact: I’ve traveled to England, France and Italy and I hope to go back next summer!





Elena Kalodner-Martin

Blog Manager and Blogger

Major: English with a Health Sciences Minor

Fun Fact: I graduated high school early!






katielivelyKatie Lively

Graphic Design Manager

Major: Graphic Design

Fun Fact: I have Personification Synesthesia, which means that I sense specific personalities in letters and numbers. For instance, nine is clearly, to me, a quiet and secretive person. It’s been consistent my whole life.

Twitter: @livekatie


Mei Lin Lau Mannbut my friends just call me Mei

Student Director

Major: Electronic Media & Film and Business Administration

Fun Fact: I’m an international student from Panamá!

Instagram: @meilinlaum





Joshua Reeves


Major: English & Secondary Education

Fun Fact: I’ve had Shingles! :/

Instagram: @joshreeves | Twitter: @_AlmightyJOSH



Kristen Zdon (1) Kristen Zdon


Fun Fact: I hope to study abroad next summer in Spain!

Twitter: @kristenzdon





Melanie Lyons


Graphic Designer

Major: Art & Design, Graphic Design
Minor: Mass Communications,
                      Advertising Concentration
Fun Fact: I can solve a 3 sided and a 5 sided
                   Rubik’s cube.
Instagram: @melanielyonsdesign



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