Beyonce: Causing Chaos at the CMA’s

Whether you consider yourself a member of The Beyhive or not, one cannot deny the fact that Beyoncé is a living icon! Just recently, this singing sensation made her debut at the Country Music Awards held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. Accompanied by renowned country group, The Dixie Chicks, Beyoncé took the stage leading her own song, “Daddy Lessons”, from her Lemonade album.
Pause. Let me repeat this. Beyoncé, an R&B and pop artist, made her debut at a country
awards show! First off, before I get to the performance, let’s just ponder this scenario.
1. Beyoncé rarely attends award shows. For her to be present is a thing in itself, but to
perform at an awards show in a genre she does not create is legendary!
2. As I am not a fan of country music, I personally had no clue that such award show was
occurring that night. It was not until “breaking news” hit social media saying that
Beyoncé was performing, that I considered myself a new lover of the genre. If Beyoncé
loves country music, I guess we’ll all have to hop on the bandwagon!
3. Whatever Beyoncé does goes viral. From hair stunts, to ground-breaking performances,
when the name Beyoncé is attached, commotion is a given! To no surprise, as the information was released the day of that Beyoncé would be making an appearance, there was a divide in opinions. Some were eager to see what she had in store, while others felt she did not belong. Most likely, both sides were still tuning in to see for themselves. Either way, Beyonce could probably care less, she came and she conquered!
giphy (1).gif
 From the second the performance began, the audience of country artists were on their feet, clapping their hands, excited for such an unexpected act.
Backlash of the performance didn’t wait for a second, as commenters felt the need to say that Beyoncé should not have been present. Because of her recent stance around police reform, and the Black Lives Matter movement, some felt this figure held no relevance in the ceremony.


Personally, Beyoncé should have turned her performance into a Formation World Tour, just to make others madder than they ever have been before. If you’re upset that an iconic figure is using her talent to bring awareness to issues in our country, then you are a part of the problem in itself. Rather than going no social media, arguing on a performance you cannot change, consider the root of the issue, and the position you stand behind it.
-Joshua Reeves

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