Ain’t nobody got TIME for that!

Tis’ the season for midterms, stress, and the dread of 8ams!

October is home to some of the greatest events of the school year including Homecoming and Halloween, but they just happen to fall right around when some of our most important assignments are due. Hopefully many of you aren’t sacrificing your school work for a little fun, and more so planning ahead of time to get the job done!

Time management is something that everyone can improve on. At one point in time, we have all been in this position:


Trying to sleep our responsibilities away isn’t going to work though! We all must find ways to organize, prioritize, and delegate our time to diminish our work load in the most efficient frame of time.

Here are a few tips I have found helpful when trying to prioritize my time. With a million and one things to get done each week, these tips have helped me not only finish my work before deadlines, but eliminates the stress of having to complete it!

  1. Invest in a planner!

    It might sound cheesy, but a personal oo9ctplanner has become my best friend in college! With planners there is no way you can EVER forget an assignment or its due date. Whether you want to coordinate colors for you courses, or insert sticky notes for additional assignments, create a system that works for you. Writing all your tasks out, and physically being able to check them off when its completed is one of the greatest feelings!

  2. Prioritize!

    Before the week has even begun, I gather all of my syllabi and write my assignments in my planner. This helps me not only see my work load for the week, but allows me to consider the amount of time I need to delegate for each. For example, I personally would want to start a 5 page paper before a simple blog post entry. If you get into the habit of writing your assignments out ahead of time, there will be no surprises, and you can prioritize whats most to least of importance for that week.

  3. Set SMART Goals!

    As a lover of journals, each month I write out my goals. Whether they are personal, academic, or financial, taking the time before a new month begins to physically write these ideas out forces you to consider what you want to accomplish in those thirty days or so. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, rel64671824evant, and timely. It is important that you remember this acronym so that you are not placing goals that are unrealistic for that amount of time. In terms of time management, writing out your goals at the beginning of the month can definitely help in what you hope to achieve. You can see what you accomplished, as well as what might take more time in the future.

  4. Change your environment!

    Studies have proven that your environment has a large impact on your productivity. Trying to write a paper while snuggled in your bed might work for some, but for the majority of us, it won’t. Finding your go-to spot for an assignment on campus might be exactly what you need to get your work done. Whether its the library, Paws, or a hidden cubicle, reinventing your work space can give you that extra motivation you might desperately need.

  5. Give yourself some credit!

    2c6f964c4c5f9225164554930ee856e5cfecea127992c47e7a4fe891de6ca953.jpgPersonally, college has taught me not to be so hard on myself. Throughout the semester, we all will take a few L’s, but its our ability to bounce back is what matters most. Celebrating those times when you finish all your work before the deadline, or acing your midterm exam, are two logical reasons to have some fun! Don’t get carried away though, there’s always more work to be done. Definitely take a break, enjoy yourself, and have some fun before you start working hard again!


-Joshua Reeves

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