10 Things To Tell My Freshman Self

Freshman year of college is indisputably one of the most fun, crazy, and confusing times of your life. You’ve gone from living under Mom and Dad’s roof to being able to make all of your own decisions. From being with the same friends to a whole group of new people. As a junior looking back on freshman year, these are a couple things I would tell my past self.

Dear Freshman Self,

1. Even though you swear that that girl you met during convocation will be your new best friend, she probably won’t be.


You’ll meet the friends that are long-lasting later. You’ll probably never even see that chick again.

2. Get in the habit of not procrastinating early.


Whether it’s a research paper or doing your laundry, do it early. You’ll be grateful later.

3. Budget your money.


So if you forfeit Chipotle twice a month for five months… that’s an extra $80 for you!

4. Between going out and staying in, it’s all about balance. 


Develop the ability to tell your friends, “Nah, I think I’m going to read a book in bed and call it a night early.” Develop the ability to stay out until 3AM. Experience the best of both worlds.

5. Call your parents.


And not just to ask them for extra money. They miss you, even if they won’t tell you that.

6. Appreciate the dorm.


When else do you get to live with 500 other people your age? It’s like overnight camp but with homework.

7. Plan on studying abroad.


The world is huge and college is your time to explore. Don’t make excuses for yourself, but do make a plan to get out there.

8. Use your resources.


Ask the RA a question or take advantage of the counseling and career center. Freshman year is overwhelming but no college wants you to have to do it alone.

9. Try something new and get involved.


Whether it’s Greek life or a club sport, there are so many ways to get involved on campus. You’ll meet new people and develop new skills and interests!

10. College is every bit as great as you think it is going to be.


Trust me on this one.


An Upperclassmen




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