What’s up Towson?

Welcome back Tigers! I hope you all had a wonderful (and safe) spring break last week! Now it’s time to get back in the swing of things…

That being said I decided I wanted to do a bit of investigative reporting regarding our little Tiger Town. Whether you notice it or not, life happens outside of this campus and it begs for our attention. It also appears that within the last few weeks, things have been shaken up a bit. In an effort to provide some comedic relief from such serious situations, I’ve created a few headlines (along with extra information) to show you “what’s up”. Enjoy.


It’s a bird. No, It’s a plane. Oh wait… that’s a car. 

Car-falls-from-Towson-garage-jpgSo apparently last Monday around 9 a.m., a car fell from the fourth floor of the parking garage on block 100 of Allegheny Avenue. A 20 year old female was behind the wheel when it happened but she suffered from minimal injuries. Not many details have been given out in reference to how it happened, but I am certainly curious.

There are way too many Starbucks in the world anyway.


Oddly enough, exactly one week after the parking garage incident, the Starbucks on the 6300 block of York Road was struck by an SUV. Four people were injured (but not severely) and transported to the hospital. The driver of the vehicle was fine, but a little shaken up. Once again, no information was given on what caused the incident.

Now that you’re up to date on all vehicular accidents, here’s some entertainment news you may not be aware of:

You know… that one Towson Alumni anyone gives a crap about.


Yes folks, Amy Schumer is coming on April 10th and tickets are quickly running out (you might be jealous to know I’ve already got mine)! Prices range from 55 to over $100 so hopefully you haven’t spent all your money on spring reak adventures. That theater major certainly hasn’t been wasted on her!

The “Cards” are Stacked in our Favor

Capture hofc

As some of you may already be aware, the hit Netflix series House of Cards utilized our CLA building for shooting scenes from their fourth season. They managed to change up our typical classrooms to look like a hospital complete with fully working equipment (and what a transformation it was). House of Cards has had an active history with our campus as over 20 Towson Alumni have worked on the show, their positions ranging from property master to assistant director.

Ohhhhh, Shiny.


Last but not least, I  wanted to “shed some light” on this unique event occurring not too far from us (sorry, I love puns). This event is the first large-scale, international light festival in the United States that celebrates ideas, ingenuity/creativity through art, music and innovation.

Actually, TU Meet Up is taking Towson students to the festival! Tickets are now available at the Union Ticket Office during normal business hours. Tickets are $5 and includes transportation to and from the festival, plus giveaways. Email jfulop@towson.edu to confirm your seat and for any other questions. Don’t miss the beautiful sights and interesting people you are bound to meet. P.S. If you wear Towson gear, you might get free stuff!


Now that you know some of the highlights, I challenge you all to search out information on your own. Pick up the Baltimore Sun every now and then or just check the news bar on Facebook. Keeping up to date on current events is important and can even benefit you in positive ways. Also, don’t be afraid to take advantage of the resources available to you (the Towerlight, Internet, Student Activities office, CAB, and many more).

See you next time my friends!



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