Why You Should Go to the Spring Leadership Conference

From the day you were the line leader in your kindergarten class, the day you took the lead in your dance class, or the day you were captain of your sports team, you were already showing signs of being a great leader. But leadership isn’t all about the title. It’s about influence and quality. It’s about what sets you apart from the rest of the pack. I learned this at the Black Student Leadership Conference that I attended in February.


This year’s Spring Leadership Conference at Towson University is set to help you discover the leader in you and your leadership story. Because every leader is different. Some students may think that they know everything there is to know about leadership. There’s still so much to learn, so much to do, so much to see. Here’s why you need to go the Spring Leadership Conference in April:

Learn the way YOU lead

As I said before, there are different types of leaders and different ways to influence those around you. How one person may influence another will not be the same as the way you do so. For example, I influence others by my charisma, passion and energy. The same cannot be said for anyone else in a setting. It’s important to acknowledge our strengths (and weaknesses) so we can use them to our advantage.

Fabulous Keynote Speakers

This goes hand in hand with learning the way you lead. Hearing how someone else got to where they are today may inspire you to take similar routes to reach your goals. Also, the best way to learn from someone is to experience that person’s teachings live and in-person. Who knows? Something they say or do could plant the seed to the next step of your journey!

Work work work work work…shops

The workshops are there to help you build your skills and teach you new things. Whether those new things are about yourself, future employers or the world around you. It’s important to keep your mind engaged and widen your horizon on various topics. A good leader never stops learning!

Networking with other students (AHEM…future leaders)

Great minds certainly think alike! You don’t know who you could meet at the leadership conference. The student that asked the keynote speaker that one interesting question could be running his or her own business in the next ten years. The student you met in your workshop may be running for congress in the future. You may even meet a student who has similar goals like you. BOOM! You just met your business partner!


Networking with speakers and organizers

Not only will other students help you on your leadership journey, the speakers and organizers can offer great insight as well. The prompters who ran one of the workshops I attended at a leadership conference handed me his business card and asked me to keep him updated on my success! This only came from my participation in the workshop. Now a future job may not be on the line, but getting someone to notice your qualities from a simple conversation goes a long way!

Free things!

Did I mention the first 100 students to register gets a free t-shirt? Even if you’re not one of the first 100, maybe there will be extras! There’s also a good chance there are vendors at the leadership conference having giveaways. Come on guys, we are in college. Who doesn’t love free things!


There’s so much that I got out of attending a leadership conference. I am confident that you will leave the Spring Leadership Conference feeling one step closer to your goals! You can register at www.towson.edu/leadership.


-Jared M. Swain

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