Spring Is In The Air!

March 20th marked the first day of Spring, and this new season calls for new styles, and lighter clothing! Spring is by far one of the most popular of the four seasons, and with the temperatures steadily increasing, there’s no excuse as to why you cannot be dressed in style!

Beautiful weather forces everyone to make their way outdoors with friends! And on our campus, this means linking up at Freedom Square! With lawns filled with students enjoying the Spring breeze, and finishing up some last minute assignments, Freedom Square is the perfect place to show off your style and find your way being captured on this very exact blog post!


For my very first TU Fashion Feature: Meet Aizhan Sheraliyeva  and Nghi Nguyen. These two clearly understand what it means when they say “first impressions matters most”!

Aizhan Sheraliyeva

PicMonkey Collage1

Aizhan Sheraliyeva is an international student here at Towson, from Kazakhstan located in Central Asia. Majoring in Business Administration, Aizhan aspires to work with the Coca-Cola back home. Her favorite store to shop is ZARA because of their style, and well as the “Zara Woman ” collection which consists of classic female and office style clothing.

Her fashion sense started with her mother taught her how to dress, giving her advice on which pieces of clothing favored others.  Aizhan also likes to follow fashion blogs on Instagram and see what people are wearing back in her home country. For a style tip, Aizhan encourages others to “buy something that would match with couple of things, like if you buy a skirt make sure you can wear with different tops, jackets, and blazer”.

Feel free to find Aizhan around campus for any additional style tips! She’s a RA in Residence Tower and is always open to meeting new people!

Nghi NguyenPicMonkey Collage

Meet Nghi Nguyen, a sophomore majoring in Mass Communications with a dual track in Advertising and Public Relations. He loves his major which has inspired him to host his own talk show in the future. Nghi is currently a member of Modelz of Distinction here on our campus, so there is no surprise that he was spotted as a trendy guy in Freedom Square!

Nghi’s outfit is very clean and simple! Although it is very basic in color, the simplicity of each item,collaboratively, makes his choices seem effortless and natural. His shopping excursions tend to primarily be held at Forever 21 and H&M, but occasionally he ventures out to Urban Outfitters and ASOS online.

Here are a few Fashion Tips from Nghi himself!

  1. Wear white shoes to balance out your outfit!
  2. Don’t wear too many patterns! Simplicity is key!
  3.  BE YOU! Don’t chase after trends and wear what makes you happy and comfortable!

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Let the Spring season cultivate new style habits and an open mind to fashion! Use these tips from Aizhan and Nghi to help you make an impression throughout Tigertown and on. And remember, stay trendy as you might become the very next Fashion Feature for Towson SAM!

-Joshua Reeves

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