Diary of a Towson CCA Worker

Hello Tigers,

Today I wanted to talk to you all about one of the things most of us cannot survive without: work. We got bills we’ve gotta pay and mouths we’ve got to feed (namely our own).


I, personally, have the distinct honor of having two on-campus jobs: (1) writing blogs so you lovely people can read them and (2) sitting behind the desk at Towson Run as a CCA worker. Today, I will talk about one of those jobs.

Whether you’ve worked at the mall or McDonald’s, everyone is bound to have a list of  pro’s and con’s involving your place of business. To express mine, I figured I’d write a friendly letter. Here’s to you Towson residents!


Dear Towson Run Residents,

Most of you know me as the girl sitting at the desk since Fall 2015. Others know me by my name, since it’s usually attached to a pin on my shirt. I wanted to take this time to share some thoughts with you regarding our current relationship.

First of all, thank you for politely showing me and the other workers your card when you enter the building. We especially love it when you hold it the right way and not backwards. I don’t need to see a bar code that tells me nothing about your identity. Don’t be afraid of the picture on your One Card you had done Freshmen year, we don’t look at them (much).

Next, thanks for paying attention to instructions you’ve known since checking into the building. For example, you can only check up to 5 guests in your room at a time or waiting 30 minutes to come get your package (like it says in the e-mail EVERY TIME. It’s not like I have more packages to input or guest to check in…).


Sorry, sorry. I don’t mean to throw shade… How about we lighten up a bit? I asked some of my co-workers to share some stories and experiences of their own and this is what they had to say:

Lea Brisbane – CCA worker (2nd year)

“One time, I came to my 6:30 am shift and there had been a guy waiting there since like 1:30 in the morning trying to get checked into the building. Since no one is at the desk from 11 PM – 6:30 a.m. he just decided to wait until someone came.”

“Oh and did Jack tell you about the time someone came down and asked him if we had a universal plunger?” No. No he did not.

Aliyah Caldwell – CCM worker (3rd year)

 “When I first started working at Tower A, I had an incident where there was this girl checking her family into the building. It was her mom and her grandmother who looked like she was like 76 years old. When checking them in, the grandmother didn’t have any I.D. so I told them that it’s policy and that I can’t let her up with out an I.D. This woman kept saying “She’s 76!” and demanded to talk to my supervisor. So I called her up and she was just like “give her a paper pass,” and that was it. Probably the only really crazy experience I’ve had.”

In all seriousness, I love working with you guys. There might be moments when I want to throw a One Card across the room, but the good times make up for it.

I love it when you smile and say hi when you come through the door. I enjoy handing you a package you’ve been desperately waiting for. I find it hilarious  when your parents make comments about the condom jar on the counter. All of these things and more I get out of working at the CC desk. I can’t wait to finish out the year with you guys and gals!

Yours Truly,



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