Dressing for the 8 a.m. Blues!

Everybody has those days when they try on absolutely everything in their closet, and still are not satisfied with their final look! Perhaps you wake up for class and vacillate between looking presentable or just making it to class on time. As college students, being “on the go” is a given, but there is NO reason why you cannot run to class in style!

You’re probably thinking it’s “time-consuming” or feeling like this guy: giphy

But NO! All it takes is knowledge on a few fashion tips to make sure you are still looking presentable in a short amount of time! With just a few more weeks remaining in the winter season, you still have time to show off the current trends! Take advantage of these final days of bitter cold *fingers crossed* and make the most out of layers, scarves, and long-line coats!  Whether you want to impress your future bae, or simply want to improve upon your own personal appearance, the clock is ticking!



Here’s a few tips to enhance your look for those early 8 a.m. classes! You’re sure to catch attention, and have others believing you were up hours earlier, when in fact, you just took advantage of a few simple style tips from your Fashion Pundit.

  1. Layer Up!

    Many complain that it’s “too cold” to look fashionable! WRONG ANSWER! Layering not only keeps you warm, but with the correct combinations you can go from “Kooky to Kanye” in seconds! Try monochromatic outfits, nudes, and incorporating denim into your looks.

  2. Accessorize!

    Whether it’s a scarf, fedora, or a couple chains, accessories are the icing on top of the cake! They not only complete your outfit, but it shows effort when you really didn’t do much. Details are a major key! khaled-snapchat1

  3. Innovate!

    Fashion is all about risks! As much as you risk writing a research paper a few days before the due date, try to have that same enthusiasm with your style. As they say, the only thing that is constant is change. Why don’t you become the start of the newest trend on our campus? Don’t be afraid of being different because uniqueness is what stands out most! 

All in all, stop with the excuses, and


If you keep in mind these three minor style tips, you’ll be sure to make MAJOR impressions on our campus. Stay tuned for Fashion Features from your very own stylish Tigers, and stay trendy because it might just be starring you!

-Josh Reeves

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