25 Things to Add to Your Towson Bucket List

Whether you are a freshman or a super senior, it is definitely necessary to complete everything on this list (and more) before you graduate. Some of these things are rights of passage, like a good ol’ bar crawl, and some are just fun to do, like exploring the Inner Harbor. By the time you graduate, make sure you check everything off of this bucket list!

  1. Take a picture on one (or all) of the Tiger statues. 

Towson-Tiger-Mascot-presentation-086-e1377185016979-1024x5482. Find a time when the pool tables at Paws aren’t all occupied… and then actually play a game of pool.

3. Get in one of President Schatzel’s selfies.

4. Dance on the Dicky’s Wall.

5.Grab a hotdog from Troy’s Hotdog Stand by Urban Outfitters and mourn the loss of his pitbull, Cuervo.


6.Spend a day walking aimlessly around the Towson Mall.

7. Grab brunch at Bread and Circuses or Miss Shirley’s.

8. Stay for the entirety of a sporting event.

9. Get hungover THB.


10. Compare the pizza at Pizans, Seasons, and Pizza Palace.

11. Lay out and tan (or do homework) in the sunny spots in Freedom Square/West Village Quad.

12.Take a picture with Doc.


13. Skip class for free Rita’s.

14. Hit all the bars uptown (even bars you haven’t been to since you were 18… Looking at you, B-Lounge).

15. Find the perfect parking spot without waiting for half an hour.

16. Order a Natty Boh and Old Bay fries at Bateman’s.


17. Try all the dining halls (the one in the Admin building is a hidden gem).

18. Call for a Jimmy’s Cab and spend the entire time praying that you don’t die or get in an accident.

19. Spend a day exploring Baltimore.

20. Pull an all-nighter at Cook Library.


21. Try a new group or club.

22. Go to Tigerfest.

23. Get food from OrderUp when you’re way too lazy to leave your dorm or apartment.

24. Drink a margarita on a school night from On The Border.

25. Have a single day where your normal route isn’t disrupted by construction.


Start checking these off, Tigers! While the last one might be a pipe dream, the rest are definitely things that should be done in your time here at TU.



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