10 Times “Frozen” Described the Blizzard of 2016 Perfectly

Welcome back Tigers! I hope the first part of the semester is going well! Glad to be back on The Roar for my final semester. So lets make it count!

As we all know, a Blizzard of epic proportions hit us the last week in January. While we are recovering from the class time missed, I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the 2 feet or so of snow we received.

What better way to do that then through the coldest Disney movie we know… “Frozen.” Here are the 10 different ways this iconic film has perfectly described our winter storm:

  1. For the lack of something better to say, everything was “Frozen.”IuTxtPm.gif
  2. If you were trapped at home, parents got in your personal space regardless of whether you wanted them to or not.cde947cdcaa704bd4d8ab7e0cee46e17.gif 
  3. Unless you happened to be in your apartment/on-campus housing, taking the extra free time as an excuse to nap. A lot.tumblr_n0ptf9m46G1trj45xo1_500.gif
  4. When you weren’t napping, friends were bugging you to come out and play in the depths of Antarctica.  tumblr_my909caedz1ql0m98o2_500 
  5. If you were dumb enough to say yes, then you had to venture out into 2 feet of snow and minimal shoveling. tumblr_mztdvoEB4g1sms4g7o1_500
  6. If you didn’t end up falling and hurting yourself, chances are someone you know did.
  7. Oh, and did I mention it was cold?frozen-anna-cold-cold-cold
  8. Meanwhile, professors refused to quit on blackboard. No assignments were changed (for the most part) and original due dates were kept. -What-power-do-you-have-to-stop-this-winter-elsa-the-snow-queen-36840748-500-222.gif
  9. But that didn’t stop us from procrastinating even further! giphy
  10. Overall, I think I speak for everyone when I say that Summer can’t get here sooner.8-Frozen-quotes


Looking forward to another great semester and more snow to come!


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