Last Semester Bucket List

Over the years at Towson, we begin to take all of the little things for granted. Especially when the senior year nostalgia begins to settle in. Eating at a dining hall for every single meal begins to look like a favored past-time.

You actually miss those chicken patties and french fries from the Glen; it reminds you of the laughs you once had with your friends while sitting in those sticky booths. Where you once cringed at the basic pictures of yourself sitting on a Tiger statue in the dead of night, you now long to do that once more as a carefree freshman. Facing the real world seemed so far away.

Your on-campus job that you dreaded due to the long, boring hours of studying is now something you would do anything to have again while applying to real-world jobs where you’ll have to do real work, the entire day. Really.

Here is a bucket list of things to do in your last semester at Towson University.

  1. Eat at every single dining hall on campus at least once.
  2. Immediately regret eating at the Glen
  3. Wear sweatpants, a sweatshirt, and sneakers to each class at least twice. Complete with the roll-out-of bed look.
  4. Pull an all-nighter in the library during finals. Include coffee runs and maybe a late night pizza.
  5. Climb onto the Tiger Statue and take a picture.
  6. Stroll through the Glen Woods.
  7. Cross the Glen Bridge.
  8. Hit every single bar Uptown.
  9. Attend Tigerfest.
  10. Attend an athletics event.
  11. Buy an article of Towson apparel from the U-store.
  12. Cry about how much you are spending on textbooks.
  13. See a play in the Center for the Arts.
  14. Work out in the gym
  15. Get something from each section of Susq
  16. Climb the rock wall at the gym
  17. Go through each fitness class at least once
  18. Go to Dowell Health Center
  19. Cry in the library during finals (this one is easy, you’ll probably do that anyway)
  20. Attend a campus event
  21. Take a picture with Doc
  22. Win a campus contest
  23. Draw on the chalkboards in Freedom Square (have it stay up for at least 1 day)
  24. Get a P-Tux quesadilla
  25. Watch a game and order appetizers at Bateman’s (Happy Hour for those of age…)
  26. Get Jamba Juice
  27. Go shopping up and down York Rd
  28. Order off of the secret menu at the Starbucks in Cook Library
  29. Track down all of the free food offered around campus for a week
  30. Step foot in every Towson building

Some of them are basic, some of them are time consuming, but I want to know the last time I will have done all of the little things that I took for granted when I had them every day. I will be making a video as I check each one of these items off for my last semester at the greatest school around.


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