Part II: Why You Should Look Forward to “Adulting” (as told by Jimmy Fallon)

So, remember what I said about “adulting” being a struggle in my last post? Well, yes, I still stand by what I said: being an adult is hard. Yes, it’s sometimes easier to just not think about it. HOWEVER, what I failed to mention last time is that there are some really good things about it, too!

And, look, I know that, right now, you’re probably sitting in your dorm room, enjoying those free utilities and that convenient meal plan. But even when that is no longer available, take heart, because there are amazing things ahead.

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it! Being an adult also means:

1. You’ll be employed…which means paychecks (and lots of them)

No more buying a Taco Bell 10-pack meal and having to make it last until the end of the week just so you don’t have to spend money on food. Am I right? Wait, what do you mean no one else does that…


2. No answering to parents

We all love our parents, but, let’s be honest, it’s not always the most fun having to ask them if we can leave the house to go hang out with friends or having them check to make sure our homework is finished before we watch television. Being an adult means that we can watch television WHENEVER WE WANT!!


3. When you leave work at the end of the day, you have SO MUCH TIME TO YOURSELF!

That’s right, friends. No homework, no problems. Cue the endless Netflix marathons…because now it’s actually socially acceptable!


4. You automatically sound smarter (Warning: This doesn’t work for everyone…you know who you are)

All I’m saying is that there’s something about being an adult, having an adult job, and wearing distinguished, adult clothes, ya know? It’s almost like the image you carry grants an inexplicable sense of authority, one that demands respect and attention. Being an adult means that people listen to you more so than when you’re a student. Essentially, you could have no idea what you’re talking about (as many adults do) but people will still hear you out…MAGIC.


5. Seeing your friends becomes a holiday-like affair

We’re in college now, which means that we’re accustomed to seeing our friends like every single day. But being an adult definitely spreads out the times that you’re able to mingle, what with work and contradicting schedules. Sounds like a bummer, I know, but think about it: When you DO get to meet up with your pals, it’s an excuse to have an all-out affair! I’m talking champagne, karaoke…the works!



Let us give thanks…


7. The past is behind you

FINALLY! You can now look back at a yearbook without cringing.

7_also 7

8. You’re finally comfortable being YOU.

We all know that nobody is perfect and it’s silly to think that you ever will be. We’re flawed and that’s perfectly fine, whether you’re age 5 or 25. But as we get older, I think the greatest gift lies in the fact that we become more comfortable in our own skin. Through every experience and trial we face, we learn more about ourselves and what we’re capable of. The biggest reward to being an adult is the sense of pride and love we find within our own identities…So, if nothing else, look forward to that.



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