Why College Has Changed My Life

Sorry Tigers, but this week I’m going to take it down a notch and get serious with you. With homecoming being a reminiscent time of the school year, I can’t help it. My intention for this blog is to not only make you laugh, but to make you think. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot. I’ve especially been thinking about my time here at Towson and how much it has changed me.


Throughout our lives, we have been forced to be educated (it’s the law to attend school until age 16). We were put through the system even when we didn’t want to. Now we’ve reached a point where we are allowed to choose. If you are a student here at Towson, or some other institution, chances are you have CHOSEN the path to higher education because you wanted to.

From my experience, school was never something I highly looked forward to. Sure, elementary days were fun. Nap time is a blessing that I surely miss now that I’m grown.

Fast forward to high school (let’s just say middle school was a lot like Mean Girls).  I was optimistic at a fresh start that I thought would be possible. My new beginning was sadly interrupted by a series of complicated events that led to custody being switched to my father halfway through my Freshmen year, and then back again to my mother my Junior year. I never really felt like I belonged at either place and fell into a depression that could only be revived by my faith.

That’s a different story altogether.

Why am I telling you all this? Why care? Because this brings me back to present day. Once high school was over, I was more than ready to move on and Towson was calling my name. You know how I said you can pick the place? Well, Towson picked me.


Sorry if that sounds cheesy, but it’s true. In my three or so years here I have done more than I possibly could imagine.

Here, I had my first experience living without my parents and dealing with roommate life for the first time (it was not without its complications).

Here, I have made lifelong friendships that have supported me emotionally, more so than at any other point in my life. Friends I know will be there for the day I get married, the day I have my first kid, and many more years after that.

Here, I have joined organizations that have led me to become the leader I currently am. The leader that pushes me onward to pursue goals (such as writing this blog).

Here, I have explored and taken my faith in God to new heights.

Here, I have broken out of the shell I was forced into after so many years of trying to fit in.

Here, I have tried to go rock climbing (and then had to be coaxed down from ‘said climbing’ because I was experiencing a ‘panic attack’).

Here, I have screamed my lungs off at football games I know almost nothing about.

Here, I go to eating establishments late at night without worrying about a curfew.

Finally, from here I will graduate and eventually leave this place.

In the words of the Tenth Doctor..


I will be sad to go, but happy to leave once graduation hits in May. I feel confident in saying that I have done what I’ve needed to do during my time here. I take pride in all of my accomplishments (and even my failures). Are you taking pride in yours?

Sure Towson has it’s ups and downs, but ultimately it is my home. Maybe you’re the loner, like I was. Maybe you’re the social butterfly. Maybe you’re a bit of both. However, once you have been accepted here, you’re a Tiger. This will remain true long after we leave the campus we currently claim as our own. Talk to you soon my friends!


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