The Haunting of the Glen: Part III

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The paint off the white brick wall began to peel and crack as Jamie rushed to her phone. The cracks spread through the floor. Before she could reach her phone, Jamie’s left leg falls through one of the cracks. She lets out a series of desperate screams for help and for her son, Bentley, before she is completely engulfed by the cracks in the floor. Jamie now sees nothing as if she was unconscious.

The five remaining students stood in a unified frozen horror. Rachel began to let out a more noisily cry than before.

“Rachel! Calm down! Jordan probably just went to pee,” AJ frantically exclaimed.

“Well then, what do the chains mean?” Jason asked while staring at the chains in his hands.

“The heck if I know!”

“I think you and Jordan are just trying to scare us! He’s hiding somewhere and he put the chains down when we weren’t looking,” Lila said making accusations.

“I think it was Jason. He’s the one who wanted all of us to come out here,” Mariah claimed.

“Can someone just fess up to this?! It’s not funny anymore!” Rachel’s voice cracked as her hands were shaking.

Jason began defending himself. “Hold on, roasting marshmallows and hotdogs was my idea. Not hearing this creepy prison story, not losing a friend and getting blamed for it.”

“…Well you are the one holding the chains,” AJ joked, except none of this was funny.

Jason tossed the chains at AJ out of frustration. They landed in the fire.

“What the hell?!” The two boys then got into a heated argument. Mariah attempted to separate the boys while Rachel sat on one of the logs as her emotions became overwhelming. Lila sat down to comfort her. As the argument continued, the fire reached its largest point of the night. Its colors slowly changed from a bright yellow and orange to a deep bloody red with black streaks.

“Guys? Guys?! GUYS?!” Lila shrieked as she watched the fire. Everyone’s attention turned to the violent flame in the pit. No one could speak. The only thing heard was the roar of the fire mixed with faint screams of agony, as if people were being burnt alive.

The fire suddenly died down. The screams turned to silence. So silent, you could hear someone’s heartbeat. The entire area became near pitch black. The only light were the ones from dorm rooms that were somehow visible through the trees.

“What. The hell. Was that?” AJ was almost too afraid to ask.

“I swear I didn’t do that. I mean I threw the chains, but I didn’t do that!”

“Neither did I.”

Immediately after AJ spoke, there was a sound of metal wrestling together, dragging through the ground. Like chains.

“Dude! Your light! Where’s your light from your phone?” AJ said with fear in his voice.

Jason frantically searched for his phone in the dark. He finds it. He turned on the flashlight and waved it around the area looking for his friends. He finds AJ, then Mariah. They all joined hands for safety.

“Lila? Rachel?”

Neither of the girls responds. Mariah went back to the log where they were sitting. She began to breathe heavily and whimper. The boys came over with the light, shone it on the log and found two more chains where Lila and Rachel were sitting.

“Oh, no!” Jason whispers. Suddenly, the sounds of chains dragging and clanking continue.

Jamie regains consciousness. She discovers she is in a jail cell. The walls of the cell are heavily torn. Some bars are broken. Rubble and ashes are everywhere. The entire atmosphere is cold.

“Bentley? Bentley, where are you honey?” She opens the cell door but it falls off from the damage. Frightened, she leaves the cell and proceeds down the corridor looking for her son. The prison is barely standing. Cells are destroyed. There are remains in some the cells and in the hallways. Jamie discovers that the prison has been destroyed in a fire. She continues to call out for Bentley.

“Bentley? Talk to me. Please. Bentley!” Jamie continues to walk. She steps on something slippery and almost slips. She looks down and finds one of Bentley’s Hot Wheels cars. She lets out a loud whimper but covers her mouth to mute the sound. She then turns the corner.

After wandering for some time, she begins to hear growls…or screams. She starts walking much faster. She navigates the prison to find the source of the sound. Jamie turns another corner…but stops at the sight of a figure in an orange jumpsuit. The figure wanders slowly down the hall. Its eyes glow a faint red. Jamie backs away from the figure until she bumps into a closed cell.

It is silent. Jamie’s breath and the figure’s growl are the only noise. Suddenly, something strokes Jamie’s shoulder. She lets out a scream, turns around and discovers another figure in an orange jumpsuit, similar to the first, reaching for her.

After her scream, a loud buzzer is heard and all the cells open up. Zombie-like figures begin emerging through the prison. It is a mix of prisoners, guards, nurses, chefs and administrators. Jamie then runs for her life throughout the prison screaming Bentley’s name breathlessly.

“Bentley! Bentley!”

The temperature in the prison begins to spike and a red glow, like the fire from the pit. The chains and shackles in the cells begin to drag and chase Jamie.

The dark magic has now taken over the prison.

One of the shackles clips Jamie’s left foot and attempts to drag her into a cell. She scratches and screams with all her strength to get away, but another grabs her right foot. She is pulled into a cell and all of her limbs are shackled to the wall.

Multiple zombies slowly close in on her cell. Jamie cries in agony and despair, knowing her fate as sweat comes off her body.

One of the prisoners comes in front, leading the rest. Only his right eye glows red, the other is an empty socket. His cheek bone has a crack that is shaped like a spade.

He comes face to face to face with Jamie and says in a deep, growling yet raspy voice “Abracadabra!”

Everything goes red. Then there is nothing.

Stay tuned for Part IV: The Conclusion!

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