Happy Homecoming Week, Tigers! For those who are unaware, this week marks the 150th Homecoming season that Towson University has seen! How exciting, right?!

Homecoming is a time that TU sets aside to celebrate all that Towson is, how we’ve advanced as a university, and how much we love the thousands of students that are enrolled here. During this week, you’ll find TONS of events, competitions, parties, and giveaways…BUT there are a few reminders we would like to present you with before you partake in all of the amazing festivities.

Now, don’t worry – we’re not here to lecture you. This is just a call to all students to join the #PositiveHomecoming campaign and act as a “Positive Tiger”, meaning that you:

Know your limit!

Simply put, don’t overdo it. Whether you’d like to believe it or not, there is such a thing as “too much” and knowing where that line is, is the easiest way to make certain that you don’t cross it.


Remember your STRIPES…

Now that you attend Towson University, it is super duper important to remember that, at all times, you’re representing this university, whether you mean to or not. This isn’t something that’s said to scare you; but something that you should definitely keep in mind whether you’re out of town, at the bars, or simply posting photos online.

As they say, “once a tiger, always a tiger”, and your actions can have affects on how our school is seen…so try not to act too silly lol


ROAR proudly…but not too loudly…

Homecoming week is pretty cool because, while there are SO many events happening on campus, there’s a lot happening off campus, as well. What with parties and the many different tailgates being planned, it’s sure to be a fun time for all of us, tigers. However, as important as it is to enjoy your time, it’s VITAL to respect the people who also live around you…

Not everyone is into the party-scene and not everyone wants to listen to loud music until three in the morning. So “roar loudly”…just not TOO loudly! Respect your neighbors 🙂


“PAWS” before you pounce…

This may be a silly title, but this is a very important concept that speaks to Towson’s “Consent is Sexy” campaign. Quite simply, make sure that in ALL situations, you are not pressuring anybody into acting against their conscious will. That said, “no” means NO…and that’s final.

In other words, ASK before you ACT.


Respect the Towson territory

Being a student here means that you’re asked to contribute to the Towson community in some manner. No, this doesn’t mean that we expect you to do landscaping on campus or single-handedly build something. This simply means that you are expected to take pride in your campus and help keep it beautiful.

That said, don’t leave food wrappers, cans, bottles, or any other belongings on the ground or street. If you didn’t find them there, then you shouldn’t leave them there. Ya feel?



And, to sum it all up, we ask that you act with integrity in all circumstances. Let’s face it, sometimes we end up getting so consumed with having fun that we fail to act the way that we intend to. But it’s important that you remain alert and act as a responsible advocate wherever you go. What this translates to is this: if you’re somewhere and things don’t seem right, say something.

“It’s on us” to keep this community a safe place for EVERYONE…


So, what do you say? Will you join the #PositiveHomecoming campaign? If so, make sure to be at the POSITIVE HOMECOMING RALLY on Wednesday, October 21st (and bring a friend or two…)

The Rally is from 12pm – 1pm on Susquehanna Patio and will include FREE T-shirts, FREE Rita’s, and more! Join with your fellow students and let’s make this Homecoming the best and most “positive” one yet.

Want to learn more about being a Positive Tiger? Check out this video:

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