The 10 Struggles of “Adulting”

People always say: “growing up is hard to do”…and, man, are they right!

Now, contrary to common belief, this concept of “growing up” isn’t just something that graduating seniors should be concerned with. This applies to EVERYONE (yes, you too). Being in college is essentially an act of trust that our parents, administrators, and surrounding community are instilling in us, expecting that, over these four years, we’ll apply ourselves appropriately to become upstanding and hardworking citizens of society. I don’t know about you, but that sure sounds like hard work to me…

And while there are, of course, upsides to growing up, there are several changes that we should all be made aware of before jumping into adulthood. Some “struggles” of adulthood are as follows:

1. Sleep

Remember nap times? Yeah, you don’t get those anymore…sleep becomes one of those mythical things that only kids believe in. Like Santa Clause…


2. Never getting a snow day…ever again

Snow days were so fun when we were kids! Remember staying up late, wearing your pajamas inside out, and flushing ice down the toilet to encourage a school cancellation? Ah, those were the days…but now you’re an adult and that means that when it snows, YOU. STILL. HAVE. WORK.

And it doesn’t stop there…how do you expect to get to that job of yours if you don’t shovel your car out? So that means getting up early…starting your car…defrosting the windows…freezing while you shovel the cursed snow away from your car…and making that dreaded commute. Glorious.


3. Wedding. Season. Freakin’. Sucks.

Yay – yet another reason for me to feel pathetic about being single…

ugh couples

4. Actually putting in effort into your wardrobe

Classes are easy…you can just throw on a pair of leggings and maybe a big T-shirt. But, in the real world, they actually expect you to put effort into your outfits. WHAT?!

And you know the attire that I’m talking about: a top and bottom that actually match each other and are without wrinkles, shoes that don’t have Sharpie-drawn stars on them, and maybe (just maybe) a hairstyle that looks as if a comb and brush were involved.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 4.13.06 PM

 5. No meal plans…you have to cook

Here’s the strangest thing: you have to cook your OWN dinner. And you want to know the most irritating thing about it? Say, you cook your own dinner on Monday…you actually have to do the same thing all over again THE NEXT DAY…and the day after that…and the day after that…until you die.



‘Nuff said…


7. You have to schedule your own appointments

You know how you used to go to the doctor’s office and look directly at your parents when the doctor asked you what was wrong? Yeah, well, real adults have to schedule their own doctor/dentist appointments and, get this, when the doctor asks what the problem is, they’re actually talking to YOU.  

So, wait – we actually have to use our social skills and speak for ourselves? Crap.


8. Professional social media (and email)

Employers are actually looking at the things that you post online. With that said, you can say “adios” to any job that you apply for if your profile picture is one that was taken on a night spent in uptown. And, for the love of humanity, get a professional email account because “” is no longer acceptable and you WILL be ridiculed…A LOT.

9. No longer knowing the slang or dances that the “kids” are doing nowadays

Because I guess nobody cares that I finally know how to do the perfect “dougie”…


Nailed it.

10. Laundry

You know this one…it’s that thing that your mother used to do for you every week back at home. It was that free in-house service that was a perk to being a child who abided by a curfew and lived with your parents. But now? Now, you’re an adult and it’s $1.25 per load, sucker! So you know what that means…wearing the same jeans three days in a row because ain’t nobody got time (or money) for dat!


BUUUUUUT while these struggles definitely ring true for many people, we definitely want to stress that it’s not ALL bad (please don’t drop out of school…lol). Please don’t forget to tune back in SOON for Part Two: “The Upside to Growing Up” (yes, there are good things, too).


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