10 Things I Hate About My Roommate

We’ve all been there, don’t deny it. Roommate probs are inevitable when you’re a college student. Whether you live on or off-campus, SOMETHING always happens that ticks you off when it comes to the person you share a space with. With this in mind, I’ve managed to come up with a list that makes living alone sound like a very real possibility for the future. Shall we get started?

#10 When your class schedules don’t match up.


In my opinion, there is almost nothing worse than having a roommate with an 8 AM.

#9 The fact that your food is conveniently disappearing.


Label your tots people! If you don’t, chances are your roomie will take advantage of your abundant food source when they run out of theirs.

#8  The fact that the rest of your things have been used without permission.


You might not be able to prove it, but it happened. My umbrella was not where I put it this morning…

#7 You just need some room to breathe…


Having some company every now and then is nice, but eventually you have to say enough is enough. This is especially true if you’re a good ol’ fashion introvert (or in my case, an extroverted introvert). Caution to the wise: living with your best friend REALLY isn’t always the best option (Kelly, we’re the exception. Not talking about us. Calm down).

#6 Just keep it down.


#5 Everything is a mess. Everything.


Leo makes a good point. Other valid questions could include: “Why don’t they just follow the chore chart?” or “Why haven’t we made a chore chart yet? Good idea Raven!”

#4 When a bunch of people are at your apartment and you don’t know who anyone is.


#3 When he/she comes stumbling in drunk at un-godly hours


While I haven’t personally dealt with this, I’ve heard my share of horror stories.

#2 When they won’t pay their way


If you live off-campus, hopefully you haven’t run into an issue where rent is due and your roomie hasn’t paid their share. Or maybe you order a pizza and they take a few slices with the promise of “chipping in.” Either way, don’t be as violent as Stewie when it’s time to pay up.

#1 Sharing a room in general.


Let’s be real: everyone likes having their own room. No one gets to tell you when to turn the lights off, when to quiet down, or all of those other naggy things that come with sharing a room. When space problems happen, writing up a roommate agreement is not a bad idea.

While I’m sure there are many more things that annoy you about your roommate, it is what it is. In every relationship we have on this planet, there will always be Pro’s & Con’s. Don’t get too hung up on the negatives or you’ll make yourself miserable. My advice is just to use your best judgement and don’t make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Take care Tigers!


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