21 Things That Happen When Your Parents Visit You at College

Our parents have put a lot of time, effort and money into us going to college. We really don’t understand the sacrifices they have made to make this happen. We are their greatest investments. Like all great investments, it is imperative to check in and see if everything is going well. That check in is this weekend for most of us. Family weekend. I’ve survived three of these already, so for anyone who needs some preparation, here are 21 things that happen when your parents come to visit.

  1. You simultaneously become happy and terrified at the thought of your parents visiting

excited2. You begin to do a deep clean of EVERYTHING…even your roommate’s things!

spongebob cleaning

3. Upon arrival, your parents bring you the greatest care package ever


4. But then the moment is killed when they question you about your new look and personality


5. And then they ask you how you are doing in class

Why would you ask me that?!
Why would you ask me that?!

6. BTW…that cleaning job you did could’ve been done a little better according to your parents

its not filthy

7. So they proceed to take care of any housekeeping you haven’t done…including fixing your car and sewing your ripped jeans from that one party

colbert clean

8. As you hang out, you run into some of your friends/acquaintances and are forced to introduce them to your parents

parents meeting friends

9. As your friends walk away, your parents begin to relentlessly judge them


10. Which only prompts them to ask if your dating, still dating, or like someone on campus

social skills

11. If you say no, they start pointing which people they think are attractive to “help you out”

awkward mom

12. They will buy you dinner off campus; it will be amazing and you WILL start crying! (Free + Food = Happy College Kid)


13. Your parents will share with you all the fun things they have done now that you’re in college


14. You take them to a football game and they marvel at the incredible atmosphere

ooh ahh

15. And then they question you about every single tradition that the students do during the game

What the heck is ESPN?! Why is everyone chanting it?! What is that song the band plays?!
What the heck is ESPN?! Why is everyone chanting it?! What is that song the band plays?!

16. Somewhere in this visit, you’re going to take an obligatory family picture


17. And your mom will ask you how to put it on (the) Instagram

parents social media

18. If you don’t follow her or allow her to follow you, she’ll bug you about it until you graduate

facebook friends

19. So you then go and do a deep clean of all the suspicious pictures and posts on ALL of your social media accounts


20. They will most likely hand you some cash…and you will cry AGAIN!


21. You then discover that your parents have been your undercover best friends and you don’t know what you’d do without them

parents are awesome

Love you Mom & Dad! Please don’t be mad at my shenanigans here at school! I hope everyone enjoys their family’s company this weekend. Click HERE for the full list of activities for family weekend.

-Jared M. Swain

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