What We’d Say to Our Freshman Selves…

I’m currently a senior and, I’ll be honest with you all – it’s got me pretty bummed. Not just because it means that I’ll actually have to be a “real adult” in a matter of months, but more so because it means that I have to leave this amazing community that I’ve found at Towson University. Although, being a senior is not a bad thing at all because not only does it signify the completion of a crazy-rewarding academic experience, but also it signifies the immense growth you’ve experienced in education as well as character. And while I’ve been dreading having to say goodbye to this wonderful campus, it’s had me (and my friends) thinking a lot about our freshman selves and the things that we WISH we knew back then…

I think every upperclassman can agree that these years at Towson (or any university) have taught us so much about people, different personalities, varying circumstances, and life, in general. That said, here is some of the things that we wish our freshman selves knew and what we hope other freshmen will hear and carry with them throughout their undergraduate and graduate academic careers:

“I would probably tell myself not to stress as much and live in the moment. Throughout my freshman year, I got a little caught up in petty drama with some not-so-great people and almost quit college over the stress of trying to keep everything together. But once I let those people go and started being more of myself, I found some of the most wonderful, beautiful, and inspiring people that I now call my friends. After all that, college has become one of the best parts of my life.”

~Emma Curry, Senior

“To my freshman self: Have confidence in your decisions. It’s okay to not engage in underage drinking, so stop worrying that people will think you’re not ‘cool.’ Don’t let that be an excuse to hide yourself away. You’re missing out on all the friends you could be making and the experiences you could have.”

~Ryan Haney, Senior

“If I could tell my freshman self anything, it would be to embrace every minute you have. Freshman year begins one of the most crazy and wonderful journeys of your life. Don’t take a single moment for granted. It’ll be gone before you know it.”

~Meagan Dubé, Senior

“Don’t waste your freshman year. Dive into your first year and make a difference. I waited until my sophomore year and I really wished that I had done it sooner. So get involved in different organizations and take positions – whether it’s in SGA, Greek Life, or somewhere else. Find your niche somewhere…just don’t be afraid to take that dive! I would have to say that I really do believe that it’s all about time management. If you put your mind to it and prioritize your tasks, you’ll be successful in whatever you do in life.”

~Taylor Sevik, Senior

“If I could give my freshman self advice, I’d tell her to get more involved as a freshman and join more organizations. I would also tell her to go to any floor events that are held by your RA or building council. These events are great ways to get to know people in your building and really make Towson feel more like home. Finally, I’d tell her to enjoy every moment because senior year comes faster than you think!”

~Taylor Staton, Senior

“Something I would tell my freshman self is to not pressure yourself about getting good grades. Putting a little pressure on yourself to do well in school is always good; but if you pressure yourself so much, you can’t enjoy what college has to offer. You only go to college once, so make the best of it!”

~Kaylee Davis, Sophomore

And what would my piece of advice be? I would tell all freshmen to love themselves. It sounds simple and cliché, but I think that when people first arrive to college, they’re obsessed with this idea of relationships – how am I going to make friends? How am I going to get along with my roommate? How am I going to attract a boyfriend or girlfriend? This was the case with me, at least. But, loving YOURSELF and being comfortable in your own skin yields success to every other area of concern.

The confidence that you gain from living as the “authentic” you is attractive and will cause other people to naturally want to be around you. So be the best and truest version of yourself because if you don’t love yourself, why should anyone else? All in all, be yourself and enjoy this ride! It’ll be the greatest and most-beneficial four years of your life!


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