The Evolution of the Towson Student

Your years in college are some of the most important in your life. You learn who you are on your own and you prepare for the real world. A lot of change happens in these years that you are at school. You welcome new friends, teachers, experiences, classes, living spaces, and even your body might change a bit (Freshmen Fifteen, anyone?). College offers a lot of awkward, beautiful, crazy, interesting, important moments to our lives and our development into becoming members of society. We evolve into almost a completely different person at the end of our college careers than the person we were when we set foot on campus for the first time. Without further ado, for your reading pleasure, The Evolution of the Towson Student.

Freshman Year: The new, the awkward, the exciting

When you arrive to campus for the first time.


Then, it’s time for your parents to leave.


And by the end of the day, you have to comfort your sobbing roommate who you just met, that has never been away from home for apparently more than 24 hours.


Then, it just get’s even better when you realize it’s “icebreaker” season. Your RA, teachers, and every group you try to join will probably make you do these.


And it’s so bad, that you end up wanting classes to start just so you don’t have to play anymore of them.


But at the end of your first school day…


And that’s how the rest of the year remains. If you’re lucky, you can still fit in your jeans by the end of the semester.


The freshman fifteen is real, people. Especially with a meal plan. Chick-fil-A fries, West Village stir fry, Glen Chicken Patties, and late night Paws runs? How could you not?

Ultimately, you pull through the awkward and have the time of your life with new friends who just seem to get you.


Sophomore Year: The practiced, the fun, the new normal.

You go into the year a little more seasoned. You couldn’t wait to get back to your college friends after a summer at home and start your next year at your favorite school.


You know the drill now. So you know exactly how many classes you can skip before it will affect your grades.


And then when you finally show up after missing 3 in a row…


At the end of class, you get a flashback to Freshman Year; you still have no idea what’s going on.


After a long day of trying to catch up, your friends tell you its time to go out and have some fun.


Junior Year: The strong, the few, the proud.

You’re a veteran, you have college down. You’re deep into your major and when you’re not at school, you don’t know what you’re doing with your life.


But you’re back! You’re here and you’re loving it.


You go to your first class of the week, go through the syllabus with your Professor…and then….they teach for the rest of the class time. You and your class are like:


So you just sit through the rest of the semester like this.


You were totally taking notes….

Halfway through the semester, you get a flashback to your freshman and sophomore year.


But something great and surprising happens! You get asked out on a date. You go to a real restaurant too, not just Chipotle. How do you order?


You might need a little practice at this dating thing. We’re millennials, we don’t know how to do that.

You start to feel old. You turn 21, you’re going on real dates, and every time you set foot on campus you see the freshmen and sophomores everywhere.


They go to you for advice. You’re a junior you know your path, you know what job you want, you know who you are, you know everything….


After you instruct the underclassmen on how to be a person, you call home sobbing. You might have just ruined this poor kids life. Your family tells you to pull it together.


But moooooooooooooom….

By the end of the semester after you barely survived finals, those worries become a thing of the past. You did it! You run into family friends at home. They can’t believe you’re a junior in college! You’re so old and you’ve come so far. You’re like:


*Tear drips slowly out of your eye*

Senior Year: The bold, the beautiful, the heartbreaking.

Here we are. The home stretch. This is it. You pump yourself up for what you want to be the best year of your life. You take a look in the mirror on your first day of school.


You got this.

Graduation is so close you can almost taste it.


You step foot on campus and realize you are among the oldest people there. These eighteen year old babies look foreign to you. Who are they? What do they eat? Do they speak our language? You try to communicate with one.


But they look at you like this…


…and run away.

You try again by walking up to another group of them in Susq.


They look at you like you’re crazy and then the realization dawns on you.

party jen

You slowly back out of Susq and go eat your homemade PB&J. Meal plans are the thing in Susq, sorry.

As you sit with your fellow senior friends on a bench outside, you look longingly at the people passing you with Chick-fil-A fries and those two precious sauces you are allowed.


Later when you go back to your apartment, you decide to treat yourself with a pizza! You deserve it! You put in years while those freshmen and sophomore’s walk around ungratefully with their $9 delicacies. Unfortunately, it turns out that was your last $20 that you graciously shoved into the delivery person’s hands.


Pizza all week.

Class time rolls around. But you realize you’ve been doing this for almost 17 years now.


Senioritis has stricken.

To make matters worse, your Professor assigns an intense group project worth 50% of your grade.


You’re over it already.

A few weeks in to the semester, your mom asks you if you’ve been skipping class.


Before you know it, it’s second semester. And you know what that means.


Time to adult, suckers.


Then, you realize…


You begin to panic.


But your support system keeps you going. They have your back.


Get that job!

You look up all the listings you possibly can. After scouring the internet for hours, days, weeks, you’re willing to take any job at this point.


The real world is scary but you can put it off for a few more weeks. Graduation is coming up now and you’re just concerned with practicing your walk to get that coveted diploma.


YOU DID IT! CONGRATULATIONS! You reflect on your evolution as a Towson student as your thousands-of-dollars-worth piece of paper is placed in your hand. You laughed, you cried, you cried because you laughed so hard, and you were never the same.


Thank you, Towson University! We love you.


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