Just How Big IS Your World?

Take a step back and think about your day. It’s OK to breathe. Now, think about what you’ve accomplished, what you wished you’d done, and what you still can do. Did you meet someone new? Someone old?  What have you learned about someone lately? Did you even take the time to care outside of your busy class schedule? Do we, as a whole, ever just take a moment to broaden our horizons? There’s one word I really want to focus on here and that is:


It’s not a new word and I’m sure you all have heard of it before (and no I’m not talking about the TV show).


In Towson’s community we thrive by being a university committed to getting an education, gaining leadership skills, making lasting connections, and thinking about perspectives that are different than our own. In essence:



In order to get us thinking about our Towson community a bit more, I interviewed some students who may not have been here all four years, but still matter. For the most part, the transfer/commuter population is widely ignored and unrepresented (even though they make up more than half of our students).

Let’s see what some of these students had to say about their adventures at TU.

Rachel Riehl: Senior  – Transfer from Howard Community College FALL 2014 (Commuter) 

Q: What made you want to go to Towson?

A: I wanted to stay in state. Mainly because it’s cheaper. Also, I wanted a university where I could live at home if I had the choice. So it was narrowed down to UMBC and Towson. UMBC was in the opposite direction of where I lived (and my personality) so Towson won me over with the help of the Family Studies program they offer here.

Q: Any words of advice?

A: Just so you know, your first semester schedule is going to suck. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself to your advisor or else you might have to make stuff up later. Don’t make college more expensive than it has to be.

Q: Anything else, maybe about your commuting experience?

A: Living near or on campus is really important if you want to have community during college. I’ve definitely struggled with it from living so far away. I’d have to say, most importantly: get involved. When you first transfer, it’s almost like freshmen year where you have to make friends and everything all over again.

Tyler Foltz: Super Senior – Transfer from University of Idaho (FALL 2015 one semester only)

Q: What made you choose Towson?

A: The film program here actually caught my eye. When I found Towson as an option I basically said to myself: “Well cool, Maryland is a fun state?” I also kind of wanted a bigger school because there was only like 10-11,000 students at mine.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish while here?

A: More hands on experience with cameras and editing software. Maybe making some connections back East. Making friends. That kind of thing.

Q: Very cool. What are some words of advice for those looking to go to a new place?

A: Be brave because it kind of sounds scary when you’re going somewhere where you don’t know someone. Just know that the kindness of humanity is still “a thing.”


Whether you technically “go here” or not, your voice still matters. What better way to speak up than to start the conversation? Take these students example and get out there! Try something new and don’t waste away your time at a new place!

For those who commute, don’t feel left out! Student Activities is always here to help you make those connections you so desperately want. In fact, don’t miss out on Commuter Appreciate Week (September 28th-October 2nd). We don’t host these events for no reason. We do them for you because we genuinely care about our students. Welcome home.



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