Expectation vs. Reality: The True, Yet Painful TU Story (as told by Bob’s Burgers)

So, I know that some of you are new to Towson and, more so, to college life. And let me just say that college life truly is GREAT. It’s absolutely wonderful being granted the opportunity to attend such an accredited university and to be surrounded by a lively, fun (yet sometimes overwhelming) student body.

However, as fun as life at TU is, let’s be real for a second: there are still a lot of struggles that we, as students, encounter during our four years spent here. And oftentimes, we find ourselves confronting situations that don’t exactly go as we plan, like…


#1: First Week of Class

Expectation: No one is ever worried about the first week of class, or “syllabus week”, as many like to call it. Why? Because all you have to do is show up, listen to the professor talk for like 10 minutes, and then you get to leave…right?

Reality: Professor: “Okay, class. Now that we’ve finished going over the main guidelines for class, let’s jump right into Chapter 1…turn your attention to the PowerPoint on the screen – Oh, and you’ll want to note this for your quiz next class…”


#2: Signing Up for an 8am


You: “Goodness, everyone complains about 8am’s but I don’t understand why. It’ll be nice to get up early and have a fresh and productive start to my day!”

Reality: After the second week of constant 8am classes…


#3: Group Projects

Expectation: After a series of crappy group projects that you were forced to suffer through in high school, you’re ready for college. Because, after all, we’re all older, more mature, and everyone here is dedicated to learning, too – it shouldn’t be too hard to coordinate everyone and get the job done…



#4: Studying

Expectation: When you first get wind that there’s a test on the way, you’re not worried. You have plenty of time to prepare and, if you take it little by little, you’re sure to do an excellent job.


Reality: Studying? Pssh…more like stu(dying).


#5: Your Work Ethic, in general…

Expectation: You: “No procrastination this time! My professors have all the assignments listed on the syllabus. I’ve got them written down, scheduled in my planner, there’s no way I’m falling behind––”




#6: Eating on campus

Expectation: You leave class at around noon and figure that you’ll just stop by PTUX or Susq really quick and be on time for your 12:30 lecture… 


12:00pm: Gets in line

12:45pm: Gets to the front of line:

12:46pm: Orders food

1:03pm: Receives food

1:04pm: Gets in line to pay for food

1:11pm: Pays for food

1:12pm: Looks for place to sit in PTUX and sees nothing but Greek Life

1:13pm: Eats food on sidewalk outside of Union


#7: Eating OFF campus

Expectation: Your mentality: “Yeah, I’m a college student but the surrounding restaurants must know that and have prices tailored to us, right? Finding a fairly-priced restaurant will be easy-peasy”

Reality: Can’t afford more than a bowl of soup and maybe a fortune cookie or two…


#8: Going to the Gym

Expectation: This one is always one of our biggest “New Year’s Resolutions” list – we want to lost weight, stay in shape, and maybe not get winded as we’re walking up the stairs in Liberal Arts. So, what do we do? We make this promise to ourselves that we’re gonna start working out…every week, twice a week. AND, to make sure that we own up to that, we also tweet about how healthy we plan to be this year so that we have all of our Twitter followers keeping us accountable…hashtag healthy!

But…what ends up happening?

Reality: *doesn’t ever go to the gym…not once*



#9: Dressing for Class


A large part of the college experience is meeting friends and potential significant others. So whether you’d like to admit it or not, we all have this goal at the beginning of each school year to “actually put in effort” when it comes to our wardrobe. No sweatpants, sweatshirts, or pajamas to class; this year, you shall dazzle this campus with your Fresh-Outta-Project-Runway-esque apparel …look out world!

Reality: *Stops putting in effort after realizing just how long “putting in effort” takes. Ladies, you may try to dab on some eyeliner or, fellas, try to make your hair look somewhat presentable but that’s as far as it’ll go on a daily basis.


#10: Uptown

Expectation: Everyone’s going out this Thursday and you’re eager to party with the friends and co-workers that you’ve been getting acquainted with now that school is back in session. So, yay! The plans are made in advance and everyone knows that, in a few days time, the partying shall commence…


Reality: Thursday comes and you’re caught in this “I want to go out but I also hate everyone and everything and this week has killed me and I just wanna watch Netflix” mood. So, you have a decision: go out or call out? …and almost always, you end up going because, let’s face it, no one is more skillful at peer pressure than your besties…


Although, as frustrating as some of these circumstances can be (and, believe me, we feel your pain), the good thing about Towson (or college, in general) is that we learn through every experience and grow with each struggle!


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