Senior or Freshmen?

Welcome back to a new school year, tigers! If you’re fresh to our campus, then welcome to a university filled with unending activities/events/clubs to take part in, limited parking, and Tiger pride up the wazoo (yes I said wazoo).

This year I thought I’d skip the typical ‘Freshmen bucket list’ and try a different approach applicable for all students. Since I happen to be a Senior myself, I figured I’d pass on some knowledge in the form of a game. Get ready to play…



Here’s how you play: I will give multiple scenarios in which you must decide if I’m describing a Freshmen or a Senior. Easy enough? Let’s begin.

You know you’re a ________ when…

You’re trying to ration your meals that you know expire soon.



If you’re an upperclassman, it’s unlikely you have a meal plan. Freshmen, unfortunately, aren’t as lucky and have to spread out their meals before Friday.

On one end of the spectrum, you have those who barely spend their meals and rush to ‘The Den’ or ‘Outtakes’ Thursday night to stock up on junk. If you like to go big or go home then you probably fall into the later category of trying to hold in your hunger until meals reset Friday. Either way, get ready for a game plan to survive the rest of the week.

Senior tip: Pay attention to the meal deals outside of the formal dining halls. You can still get that awesome food at Susq, but for cheaper!

You’ve visited the Inner Harbor so much it’s become your vacation home.



If you like the night life or just chilling with some friends by the waterfront, the Inner Harbor is the place to be. Plus, it’s only 20 minutes away!

Visit Camden Yards for an O’s game or the M&T Bank Stadium to cheer on the Raven’s. Good news is: every Friday, with a valid student I.D., you can purchase tickets for just $7 at the Oriole Park Box Office!

Senior Tip: Don’t have a car? Not a problem! In addition to the light rail, there are MTA buses that make stops at Towson with the fare only being between $1.50-$4.00.

You’re tired of living on campus.



Whether you are a freshman who lives in a triple, or higher up in the food chain, by now you are probably sick of living on campus. While 8000 York Road is a nice place to live, there are added benefits to moving away. It’s nice to be able to cook your own food, have pets, and just pretend you’re a grown up for even a moment.

Friendly reminder: Towson has construction for a reason. Brand new dorms are set to be opened up to the public Fall 2016 in West Village. That being said, don’t completely rule out returning back to campus.

You’ve FINALLY learned the Towson Fight Song


ANSWER: Debatable…

This seems like it should be an easy one, but it actually isn’t. Different classes have been subject to orientation experiences where learning the fight song was necessary (class of 2015 for sure). Here’s what I’ll say to this then: LEARN IT. It’s not that hard and when you go to the Football games this season you’ll be glad you took the time to memorize.

Friendly reminder: 1st home game of the season is Saturday September 12th @6PM against Saint Francis University! Don’t miss it!

You’ve switched your major at least twice



Yes, even as a freshman you will change your major. You think you know what you want now but you don’t… Take it from someone who changed her major three times by the middle of Sophomore year. It’s a good thing that Towson has so many majors to choose from when you have your mid-college crisis.

You’ve taken a picture in front of one of the many tiger statues.



I guess this could also apply for seniors, but I feel like we got all of these out of our systems when we were freshmen. Regardless, students at some point in time will take advantage of the many tiger statues littered on campus (by CLA, Cook Library, and SECU Arena to name a few).

Senior tip: Wear some TU gear when you take your pic!

Grad school…



(I had to add Amy Schumer because she’s just so awesome! Plus, she graduated from here!)

Senior year can be a stressful time.You’ll balance a full class load, internship, 2 jobs, and whatever  clubs you are involved in. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough. You then have to make a decision on what life looks like after undergrad. Will you take the plunge to grad school? Is Law school calling to you? Are you going to take some time off and then come back for your masters? Time is ticking and you need to make a decision.

Senior Tip: People have told me plenty of times that there is no shame in taking off some time after you get your bachelors. Sometimes it’s better psychologically and financially to just hold off for a bit.


I hope you enjoyed our little game and are even just a little more prepared for the year ahead of us! If you noticed something missing or just want to add some insight on your time here at Towson then feel free to speak your mind. Looking forward to a great new year! Not to quote ‘High-school Musical,’ but we’re all in this together.


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