A Complete Guide to Senioritis as Told by Modern Family

Four years. 120 credits. 14 core curriculums.

At this point in the college career of a senior, it’s not uncommon for them to be lightly toasted, burnt, or charred by the demand of classes. The “pay me to do this stuff already” mentality sweeps over campus and priorities switch from academics to future ambitions.

Fall Semester

How did I go from being a freshman yesterday to a senior today?


Seniors are top of the food chain, right?


It’s nice for a week and then we get kicked in the “ass”ignments.


So give me that 300-page case study for the semester. I dare you.


 Winter Break

One. More. Semester. To. Go


So you start hustling your resume and cover letters like happy hour specials…


Spring Semester

When you have one semester to pass a class needed to graduate and it’s all based on group projects:


But you’re striving for that diploma so if your group doesn’t cooperate, may their souls find peace after submitting strongly worded peer evaluation forms:


Don’t even get me started on Mondays. They’re really just a wasteland for extinct unicorns and dreams:


So when the professor keeps you 30 seconds past class because you’re definitely eager to get to your next one, you can’t help but get sassy:


…homework is only 10% of the grade anyways, right?


And let’s be real, you’re lucky that I’m even wearing pants to class.


Then somewhere between graduation anxiety, sleep deprivation and nostalgia, you remember right before falling asleep on a bed of textbooks and highlighters at night all the good memories that Towson has given you:


So walk on that stage with pride and know that all your hard work has amounted to something. Now take that diploma!


–Danielle Moore

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