Registration Period as Told by Rugrats

Well, it’s about that time, Towson. It’s time for your Towson emails to start blowing up with appointments for advising, housing, and class registration. While the seniors are scrambling to finish their final semester and find the perfect graduation plans, the rest of us are scrambling to find the perfect plans for next semester. Thank CAB that Tigerfest is strategically placed a bit after these appointments for most students. Advising and registration is the most stressful dice roll of the spring. The Rugrats have known the struggle since the early 90’s. I’m gonna let them tell you how it is.

Your advisor waits until your busiest week to schedule you for an appointment

life is hard

Your advisor suggests you to take classes you never planned on taking…but you probably ignore that advice

babys gotta do

You discover there are prerequisites you never knew you needed for your class


When you can’t find a professor on Rate My Professors


If you’re an upperclassman, you have to fill out some foreign document: The Degree Completion Plan. This basically tells you all the classes you still need to take to graduate

degree completion plan

And it points out that you won’t graduate when you were expecting to


When you forget to pay your housing deposit…

paying for college

You spend all of spring semester searching for a roommate(s)

looking for roommates

But you end up doing a random roommate selection and you end up with the worst possible roommate you could imagine

bad roommates

If you have really bad luck, you’re thrown into a triple room

How is this gonna work?
How is this gonna work?

Still waiting for FAFSA to come back…


Your enrollment appointment happens to be during class and you have that one teacher who does not allow laptops

teachers and no laptops

You go to enroll and your classes are closed or wait-listed


It’s ok! The 8 a.m.’s are still open!

Trying to stay awake…

Teachers are looking at you like…

8 am classes

And night classes are always available!

night classes

Just think you were THIS close to having NO classes on Friday!

Friday classes

Happy Registration! I hope you don’t find yourself making chocolate pudding at 4 in the morning next semester!


-Jared M. Swain

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