Be A Part of Something Big: TU’s The Big Event is Approaching

There are many elements that make up a community, but perhaps the most important are the people. Your home is something to be proud of–don’t you agree? Towson University’s largest annual day of community appreciation and awareness, The Big Event, is quickly approaching on Saturday, April 25!


Over the years, The Big Event has saved Towson thousands of dollars in local projects whether it be lending a hand to local homeowners or to local non-profits. Staying true to the name, Towson University attracts a pretty big crowd with a personal record of 1,055 student volunteers.

The Big Event Awareness Day is Thursday, April 2 from 11a.m-2p.m in the Tiger Plaza. In classic Tiger fashion, we aren’t going to leave you empty-handed when there are sunglasses, shirts and swag to give away.

The first 275 students and alumni to register for The Big Event are all eligible to win a free Tigerfest ticket! New information and updates can be found on Facebook and Twitter.  If we didn’t have your attention before, are you interested now? Check out 2014’s highlights and get psyched for 2015!

–Danielle Moore


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