A Post of ‘Firsts’: The Best, The Worst

We go through many milestones in life. Whether big or small, good or bad, we remember these milestones and we remember how far we’ve come. But nothing has more of an impact on us than experiencing something for the first time. Why not volunteer for a First Friday? With one just around the corner, let’s look back on some of the best, and worst, firsts of life so far. Warning: extreme reminiscing and feelings are expected.


First Job: The day you received your first job was the day you took on “real world” responsibilities. It made you feel important and useful to the world. Yay! You matter!


First Paycheck: Weeks after you got the job, you got that first paycheck. The first time getting paid made you want to shoot your own music video and make it rain!


First Car: No more driving mom’s minivan. Now you got your own ride. You could put the seat back, roll the windows down, and cruise to your favorite jams.

car jam

First Apartment/House: Who’s house? Your house! Moving out of your parent’s place gave you your independence. You make the rules now.


First Love: Ah! That crazy, little thing called love. No matter who they were to you, your first love set the bar for everyone else after them. I bet you could still feel those butterflies as you read this.

first love


First Haircut: The meme says it all. It was not a good time.


First Injury: This includes the first cut, scrape, burn, sprain, broken bone, etc. And you thought you were dying for a moment.


First “F”: Ouch! Your GPA is scarred for life. How could you explain this to your parents? You probably didn’t. You probably hid this for as long as possible.


First Fight: When I say fight, I mean argument or disagreement. In any relationship, conflict will arise. Fights will leave you hurt and contemplating things. No relationship (parental, romantic, friendship) is perfect.

angry but still love you

First Break Up: Let’s be real: the world stopped turning on this day. You didn’t know if you could go on without them. But somewhere down the line, you heart healed itself…And somewhere further down the line, you were just done with relationships!

little rascals boys vs girls


First Move: Moving could be an exciting new start, but you’re leaving behind your old life and friends behind.


First Words: You made words! Of course this is good news…unless those words were not the best ones. Hey, it happens.

first word

First Day of School: You spent weeks preparing for this day. You got a fresh backpack, clothes and a haircut. But sometimes, the first day is just one of those days. Right, Nemo?


First Kiss: You always imagined that fairy-tale kiss…but sometimes it’s just awkward!


First Born: At one point, you got all the attention, until that little thing you call a brother or sister came along.

first born

First Fridays are a great way to start volunteering. On the first Friday of every month, Student Activities performs service at various locations in Towson and Baltimore. This could be a warm up for The Big Event! Learn more and sign up here!

-Jared M. Swain

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