The Hometown Friends You Might Have Seen Over Spring Break

For an entire week, we were free from all academic obligations! Well…most of us. Still, this was the time to relax, refuel, and reconnect. If you didn’t travel to a spring break hot-spot like Panama City Beach or Disney World, you were probably in for a chill week back at home. And that’s not a bad time. I bet your hometown and high school friends were also home for the break. That’s the perfect time to catch up. You may not see all of them, but here are some hometown friends you might have ran into.

The BFF: YASSS! This is your bestie! Your brother! Your sister! Your *insert your best friend’s nickname here*! You’ve known them for most of your life. You cannot wait to see this person and tell them everything about college. Everything? EVERYTHING! Reunited and it feels so good!


The Crew: No matter how big or small, the crew is your main group of friends back home. It’s a celebration every time you guys link up. Or should I say…squad up!

squad 2

The Teammates/Club Members: They may not be “squad,” but they always had your back on and off the field, court, stage, etc. If anybody wanted to run a pick-up game, game over. “Those ‘Monstars’ will wish they’d have never been born!”

toon squad

The Platonic Friend Everyone Thought You Were Dating: Of course you’re happy to see them. You’re just annoyed of everyone and your mother asking if you two were dating. You told everyone you were just friends even though you guys always hung out. Are you sure you’re just friends?


The Neighbor Friend: Your parents probably know their parents. You rode the same bus to school. So this friendship was kind of forced. But let’s be real: they had all the cool stuff you didn’t have. And they were your go-to pal when in doubt.

When you find out your neighbor friend has a PS4

The Acquaintance: You’re not really friends. They might be the friend of a friend…of a friend. I guess they’re cool. How should I know? We never really hang out!

sort of friend

The High School Crush: Hold up! Is that your crush? You never thought you would see them again! They still look just as good as they did when you left town. And you’re a different person now! You’ve done some growing up. Are they single?


The Ex: It’s going to happen one of these days. You don’t want to see them, but if you do, at least be nice and say “hi.” The worst thing you can do is make it awkward.


The Fake Friends (Frenemies): In one shape, form, or fashion, we all have one. That one person you know that secretly hates you and was out to destroy you. If you see them, you are going to flaunt about your new life!


Welcome Back to School!!!

-Jared M. Swain

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