7 Times When Social Media Exploded

Social media runs the world right now. Almost everything has a picture, video, or a hashtag attached to it. And if the color of a freaking dress can start a debate possibly bigger than the debates of real world issues, that says so much about social media’s power and influence.

Let’s be real: that dress almost started World War III. But that white and gold (black and blue) dress is not the only instance of people losing their minds on social media. Here are 7 times when an event sparked a social media explosion.

Left Shark: The Super Bowl (both the game and halftime show) always gets social media hyped. This past month, Katy Perry’s halftime performance will probably go down as the most remembered halftime moment since Janet Jackson. And it’s all thanks to the Left Shark during “Teenage Dream.”

Left Shark

OMG, that was amazing! You have to watch the entire show after reading!

Kim Kardashian Goes Platinum: Of course. Every time Kim K is involved, the entire internet needs rewiring. First the show, then Kanye, then the baby, etc…What is she doing now? Oh! She dyed her hair platinum blonde! OK Kim K! Not bad!

blonde kim

And now, here’s something we hope you’ll really like!

kim and draco

Hey, guess who else did a dramatic hair change? Jared Leto.

jared leto

North West, Blue Ivy and Prince George: Speaking of babies, remember the Twitter reactions when Kim and Kanye’s baby girl was born? What about Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby? Or the royal baby?! Bottom line: Celebrity babies drive us insane. Oh boy, what if Nicki Minaj gets pregnant?!


ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: At least this was a good explosion…for most of us. During the summer of 2014, people around the world raised awareness and money for ALS research by donating money, dumping ice water on their heads, and then nominating 3 people to do the same. The challenge spread like wildfire and, literally, everyone was doing it.

What Does the Fox Say?: There’s nothing like a new song to set social media on fire. Comedic group Ylvis’ 2013 hit “The Fox (What Does the fox Say?)” did just that, but it wasn’t their intention. The song was “created to fail” and meant to be an “anti-hit.” Ylvis never knew that “The Fox” would become our generation’s biggest one-hit wonder. Oops.

Harlem Shake: Another earworm of 2013, the Harlem Shake blew up because of its nicely produced track and the insane dancing that came when the beat dropped. Everyone and their mother were posting videos doing the Harlem Shake. Even Towson did one!

By the way, this is the REAL Harlem Shake!

harlem shake

Super Bowl Blackout: We all remember where we were when the Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII. We also remember when the power went out during the third quarter of the game. Football fans immediately jumped to the conclusion that the 49ers were cheating. Maybe Beyoncé knocked out the power from her halftime show.



-Jared M. Swain

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