All This Cold and Drake is Still There For You

Do you remember the warmth of sunshine’s rays? Or the taste of a cold drink midday on the beach?

Queen Elsa’s frozen fury has bullied us for too long without a snow day to show for it. So I consulted Drake about all these problems winter’s causing, but his unconditional understanding sure ain’t one.

heated blanket

 You’re never alone when there’s a heated blanket for comfort on nights where it’s 0 degrees outside.


To all my commuters out there who ride the shuttle: you understand the look the driver gives you when you finally board the bus from campus after NextBus app had you waiting outside for an extra 10 minutes. It’s a mutual respect.


Hey Towson, let me know that you care and hit me up with the morning texts reading that class has been cancelled.


If you’re feeling my comfy style, or lack thereof, give a shoutout to the Polar Vortex. I dedicate this one to you, you freezing cold Mother Frigid blast of icy misery.


Oh, summer is not your favorite season? #irrelevant


For every time you slip on ice, and take a deep breath from pain, doesn’t it look like your soul is evaporating before your very eyes. Where’s winter’s sympathy?


There’s always a moment of relief when your chapped and cracked lips meet Vaseline for the first time. We go together like a Drake and Nicki single.

Just remember, you’ve come this far–summer vacation is only 85 days away and his new album has dropped. Just keep doin’ you.


–Danielle Moore

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