What It’s Like to Be a Twin

In case you didn’t know, I have an identical twin brother. He also attends Towson University, and he shares an apartment with me. I’ll give you some time to freak out.







As a twin, I’m unfortunately destined to answer the same question after people find out I have a twin: What is it like having a twin?

I think I speak for all twins when I say it gets tedious answering that question.

Let’s get this out of the way now in order to avoid verbally answering this question during the rest of my time at TU. Allow me to publicly share, one more time, what it’s like being a twin.

People ask you what it is like being a twin ALL THE TIME…

It's only my 23,857th time answering...

…and you can’t answer because you don’t know any other life.





Your parents dressed you both in the same or similar outfits.








You don’t do that anymore, but you may have some form of matching shirts in your closet.

Yes, my twin and I own these.








You occasionally wear/steal each other’s clothes.









And then you have days when you both accidentally wear the same thing.









You loved to swap identities and trick people.

We're too old for that now. You're welcome TU professors!

You were probably given name tags or necklaces just so people didn’t have to guess which one you were…

You cheated!










…or you probably dramatically changed your hair…

I'm Different!
I’m Different!







…because you’re ALWAYS mistaken for the other twin.


When someone starts talking to you like you’re the “right twin” and things get extremely uncomfortable and awkward.






If you both said the same thing at the same time everyone in the room would lose their minds!








And that led to everyone asking you if twin telepathy is real…







It’s not.







However, you do have times when you are both thinking the same thing.

We just experienced a twin moment!








Everyone wants to compare the two of you for some odd reason despite the fact you’re two different people…









..especially when it comes to which one they like better or who’s cuter.







You both are constantly compared to Dylan & Cole Sprouse, Tia & Tamera Mowry and, or, the Wayans Bros.

Because this is definitely life as a twin!









When you look at your baby pictures and even YOU can’t tell yourself apart from your twin…







…and then you question your parents about it.






Your friends ask you “What if you were your twin?” and you actually consider that a possibility.









They also asked if you shared a secret language. 

We could answer that but...

Or “what if you both married another set of twins?”









And my personal favorite “What if you’re dating someone and they accidentally kissed your twin?”








But through the confusions, comparisons ,and ridiculous questions, someone ALWAYS has your back.








You always have someone to talk to about anything in the world.

Including everything you find on the Marauder's Map!
Including everything you find on the Marauder’s Map!








Unlike most people…You were born with a best friend.

I still don't know which one I am...
I still don’t know which one I am…








-Jared M. Swain

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