5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Long Distance Couples

Let’s be real: Long distance relationships are tough. For some couples, seeing each other is just a walk over the West Village bridge. For others, it may take a drive over the Chesapeake Bay bridge.

It’s even tougher for long distance couples to celebrate Valentine’s Day. You just can’t do the same things closer couples can.

But, it’s all good! Swain knows what to do! Here are 5 Valentine’s Day ideas for long distance couples.

Have a Skype Dinner and Movie Date.

If you’re internet connection is as strong as your relationship, consider doing a Skype date. Enjoy your favorite dish with your partner via your laptop or tablet and share a romantic movie. If you’ve never seen The Fault in Our Stars or The Vow, this is the next best way to watch it. Again, do this if your internet connection allows you to. You do not want buffering throughout your date.


Design Matching Jewelry.


Show the world your love for your partner by wearing your heart on your sleeve…or your wrist, or your neck. There are tons of matching bracelet and necklace sets available at several different stores. Heart-shaped lock and key pendants or personalized puzzle piece necklaces are the most popular among couples.

Send A Love Letter.


You’re always sending romantic texts to your partner between classes. Why not go old school? Write a love letter by hand and send it to their house. Adding their favorite candy or a small gift related to something they like is sure to make them blush. PLEASE be sure that you get the address right.

Decorate Their Room.


Get creative and have your partner’s friends help decorate their room with various notes, candies, or pictures. Be sure to add a personal touch. The more personal or themed the room is, the bigger the surprise. This is a step up from sending a love letter and it’s bound to get you a Baymax hug!


Use Your Talents.

You were born to do something well. Do it for your partner this Valentine’s Day. If you’re an artist, paint a portrait of them capturing each detail. If you’re a writer, write them a poem or short song. Whatever your strength is, use it to give your partner a mile-wide smile.


Welcome to upper echelon long distance love. Coming soon is a product called Pillow Talk, a set of pillows that glow, regardless of distance, when one partner is lying on one pillow. Pillow Talk also comes with wristbands to track couples’ real-time heartbeats and transmit them through the pillows, allowing you to listen to your partner’s heartbeat. It doesn’t get much closer than that.


Be sure to get your girlfriend or boyfriend something wonderful from the University Store! Happy Valentine’s Day to all!

-Jared M. Swain

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