15 Problems Only Short Girls Have at Towson

When you’re walking behind people to class no one can even see that you’re there


You have to use the lint tray to get your clothes out of the top dryer


Worst day ever when you have to reach something on the top shelf in the University store…..


Your legs dangle off your chair in 4 out of your 5 classes.  Anyone else think those LA building seats are too dang high!


People constantly ask you if you’re a freshman.  (I’m sorry but height does not directly correlate to age!)


Half of your Towson gear is from the kids section of the University Store


You have to stand at all football games so you can see the field


You were super bummed when you found out there’s a height requirement to be Doc..


Large men **cough football and basketball players cough** think it’s OK to constantly lift you over their heads and sometimes even use you to play catch with….


The phrase “that thing is bigger than you!” is said anytime you go to pick something up


Having to adjust every single machine at Burdick to the smallest setting… and it still being to big….


Being asked “How does that even work” when you date someone over 6 foot


Short men just assume that you are their soulmate


The peephole in your dorm room is too high so you need a step stool to see out of it


The school store’s size small is still a dress on you


Your friends constantly challenge you to fit inside small itemsgiphy-4

People think it’s funny to use you as an armrest while waiting in line at Paws/P-tux


You’ve never seen the top of another person’s head….what does that even look like?


You always try to look sexy but everyone just thinks you always look “cute”giphy-9

…..But we know being short is the greatest thing ever!!!

Case and point.



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