What To Put On The Tube This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to relax, hang out with family, eat until you’re sick, and catch up on some TV. Here are some of the all-time best Thanksgiving shows and movies to re-watch for the millionth time.
(Disclaimer: this list was written by a 20 year old female. Sorry, South Park fans! I don’t watch it, so I don’t have any suggestions for ya.)

1. Friends: The One With the Rumor. Jennifer Aniston’s then-hubby Brad Pitt guest stars in this episode. Back in high school,his character and Ross had started a club to hate on Rachel. Of course, it’s Brad Pitt, so now he’s totally hot and she just wants to date him, but he won’t let go of this grudge. (On Netflix)
2. A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. It’s classic, it’s the same old thing we watch every holiday. Charlie is an idiot, Lucy is a pain in the butt, and Linus is too precious. You have to watch it, if only for tradition’s sake. (It’s not on Netflix, but don’t worry, it will be on TV)ABC#00841

3. New Girl: Thanksgiving III. Nick Miller and the rest of the gang camping on Thanksgiving. It involves a bear trap, a grocery store run, and a lot of food poisoning. What more could you ask for? Schmidt dressing up like a park ranger/acting like a boyscout? Don’t worry, it has that too. (On Netflix)
new girl
4. Gilmore Girls: A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving. The Gilmore Girls, famous for their eating ability, schedule themselves for four Thanksgiving dinners. There’s a deep fried turkey, a Korean dinner, diner food, and a fancy turkey meal. Plus, lots of fast talking and pop culture references, because what else is Gilmore Girls for? (On Netflix)Gimoe

5. Gossip Girl. Pretty much every Gossip Girl Thanksgiving episode is great. They always end up with those fancy upper-east-siders eating dinner in a gross diner that they would never step foot in in real life. But hey, GG isn’t exactly the closest mirror of reality. (On Netflix)
6. Everybody Loves Raymond: Debra’s Parents. In this cringe-worthy episode, Ray walks in on Debra’s divorced parents…uh…doing some unsavory things in his bed. He panics, as Ray typically does, and the aftermath of the whole affair is so awkward, it’s painful to sit through. But so worth it. (On Netflix)ray

Are there any must-see Thanksgiving shows that I missed? Let us know your favorites!

Paige Whipple

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