Homecoming Festivities – 3 Tips for Success

Homecoming week is upon us! This means this semester’s big concert, football game, and a whole plethora of other events organized just for us! School spirit is even more infectious than usual this week, and there’s plenty of fun to be had — within reason, of course.

I’m going to step off of the soapbox here; generally people have an idea of what’s acceptable and what’s not. Even though most of this is common sense, it’s good to keep a couple of things in mind.

Have fun, but act respectfully and responsibly.

Please go to the tailgate before the Homecoming football game and have a blast. But please don’t act obnoxiously in front of the family of four also trying to have a great time.  Stay away from obscenities and try to be respectful to everyone at the football game and concert; we’re all trying to have fun just like you!

Watch after your friends.

I don’t care how dumb you think your friends are, or how angry you get at them.  A real friend does not leave another friend.  If you randomly ditch these “friends” on a regular basis, you aren’t really friends; you are acquaintances.  Keep an eye on each other this week.  Great fun is to be had, but you don’t want to ditch your friend on his or her greatest moment of need. Be responsible, Tigers.

Stay for the entire football game.

Imagine if you were on Towson University’s football team.  You’re in the first quarter, and there’s a decent turnout of fans wanting to see you play.  Fast forward to the middle of the third quarter, and there’s only a quarter of that original fan base still there watching.  And this is when the games usually get down to the wire!  The football team’s morale depends and thrives on student attendance and participation.

As a Towson University student, you’re given the gift of free access to the game.  And usually the most exciting part of any football game is the last quarter, so root your Tigers on until the end!

These tips are mainly common sense, but good to keep in mind during this week of festivities!  Have a blast!

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— Russell Bowen


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