You Know You Go To School In Maryland When….

Old Bay can be found in stock piles in every dining hall and comes standard on your fries…


The state flag isn’t just something hung on a flag pole, it’s on everyone’s shirts, glasses, socks, shoes, and even underwear…

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 12.27.46 PM

The Orioles winning the AL East practically stops the world around you for celebration….


You spend every Friday during the Fall Semester wondering why everyone is wearing purple…


Everyone’s says that the “best” pizza comes from chain places like Papa Johns and Seasons….. (so much no to this. Mom and Pop Italians make the best pizza FYI)…


An inch of snow calls for extreme panic and unnecessary cancellations…


There is so much state pride that you begin to think everyone is brainwashed…


People say “wersh” when they mean to say wash and “werter” when they mean to say water…


Anytime the national anthem plays, people scream “O” when you get to the “Oh say, does that star-spangled….”


When you meet new people they tell you what county they’re from…


There is so much county pride and acronyms for said counties….. (HoCo, HarCo, PG, MoCo…)


People are automatically best friends when they find out they’re from the same county….


You know at least 10 in-state people who say they’re from the “middle of nowhere”…


People will play both rap and country at tailgates…


And the weather changes faster than the mood of a hormonal tween…


But in the end you have to admire the pride of this state and love it because you go to school in it!


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