5 Things You Think When Driving In Towson

5 of the various things every person thinks while navigating our fine city.

1. No parking, no parking, no parking. I left at 9:30 to make it in time for my 11:00 class…and I live a mile away. I just want to go to THB…$7 for parking, $2 for breakfast. Just want to run into the mall for a pair of jeans…an hour later, I’ve finally found a parking spot.


2. Crosswalks are NOT stop signs. Do you see a big red octagon? No. Then why are you slamming on your brakes in the middle of Cross Campus when there is not a person in sight that’s remotely close to crossing the street?

3. “I hope no one is coming the other way when I drive through Kenilworth at Charles, because there’s hardly enough room for one car to get by.” God forbid they build more parking lots instead of the vast grassy areas taking up all the room.


4. Too. Many. Old. People.





kovmAnd YES.

5. Construction on York Road at 5:30 p.m. on weekday? Who thought of that brilliant idea?


Paige Whipple

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