Top 10 Towson Crushes You’ll Have the First 3 Weeks of Class

It’s that time of the year again! That’s right, the beginning of classes.  Besides the heartache from spending $500 on books, the vast majority of us will be feeling “the feels” for the newest people we spot on-campus. Here’s a list of the top 10 crushes you probably already have by now here at Towson.  Happy hunting!

1. The OL

 We all know that they’re just so peppy about Towson, and we all blush when our Orientation Leader tells us they’re proud we got involved on-campus.


2. The RA

Something about that power position is just so…. and you’re at the first floor meeting all like…..


…. for everything involving you.

3. The Athlete

We all love a person in uniform…. until we see them out of it and then they’re just a regular student again. #wuttashame


4.  The Professor

Old or new, a nice face to look at while you’re sitting in class is never a bad thing.


5. Doc

You have to admit that football uniform is quite flattering on him. 😉


6. The person on your floor

It’s always a great day when you work up the courage to ask “what’s up” when you’re waiting for the elevator.


7.  The person in your building

You have no idea who they are or where exactly in the building they are, but you can name exactly how many times you’ve seen them and where.


8. The fateful crush

That adorable person that you constantly see in the dining halls, liberal arts building, the union, you name it…. it’s like it’s fate…. you’re meant to know each other.


9. Your friend’s friend

Nothing wrong with creeping on your new friends’ pictures to stake out the good looking ones and wait around until they visit….


10. The classmate

On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.  It’s October 3rd.  Two weeks later, we spoke again.  It’s raining.


Happy first month of classes!



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