A Letter to Our New Tigers!

Dear New Tigers,

Okay, so maybe you’ve been here for a little bit. Or maybe you transferred. Either way, this commuting post is for you! Grab these tips to make Towson your own, even if it’s technically not your home!

1. Experience things on your own (with CAUTION).

  • “The Glen is gross.”
  • I, for one, do not mind the Glen dining hall. I meet up with friends there all the time, and boy is that Pizza edible! Yummy! Plus, Miss Debby rocks! So try it out and ignore the negative hype, especially if you haven’t confirmed it.


2. Meet new people!

  • I know bonds have formed already, but there’s plenty of time for you to make friends.
  • How about that person on the elevator that you’ve seen twice already? Say “Hello” next time. Make the connection, “I always see you [insert place here]. Where do you live?”
  • Go to a meeting or group on campus. There is something for everyone, and if you check your T3 email, you might find something for you to do that day.


3. Do not delete your T3 email!

  • Okay. Well not until you’ve done a 60-second scan for free food, scholarships, and giveaways!!
  • Commuter Appreciation Week! @tucommuters are all about le free food!


4. Plan for traffic! Beep! Beep!

  • 695 is a trap! Leave earlier and stay later. Be on campus, enjoy the fees that you pay, grab some free food from an event, study at Cook, and skip that traffic!


5. Grab that shuttle!

  • Can you say STUDENT FEES!? Those shuttles are just another lovely and ecofriendly resource for you, so take them!
  • Get a trip to your friend’s apartment, Target, the Mall, THB, or the Movies. But take the earlier one so that you’re never late.


6. Take care of yourself. TU has the resources.

  • Are you sick? Go to Dowell, call a nurse, phone home.
  • Are you failing? Talk to a professor, tutor, and advisor.
  • Are you dying of boredom? Start a group, join a group, and stay on campus.


Most importantly, be yourself. If you don’t know yourself, go find you. This is your time, and if you don’t do what you want while you can, you will have college regret.

–By Sunshine

P.S.  To make your time at Towson even better, here’s a list of Towson’s best kept secrets—places that you have to go sooner than later!


1. 7720 Café in Administration building.  It’s so good! Try the crab cake!

2. Rock Climbing In The Peregrines Nest-Burdick Hall. So fun and you can skip the cardio!

3. Unitas Stadium. Go to every game!

4. Downtown, Baltimore. Explore the harbor and other great eateries and spots outside of TU.

5. Professor’s office. Take advantage of their office hours and meet with them.



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