10 Real Facts that make Graduating the Worst and the Best thing Ever


1)      College loans. You never realize how much of them you have until the nice loan people tell you that you have to pay it back now.download

2)      The real world. I’m totes ma goats ready to get chewed and spit back out by it.tumblr_n22s54CieD1tu5d3qo1_500

3)      People asking you what you’re going to do. Like, maybe I’m not doing anything?! Is that okay with you!? Unless you’re a computer science major, and then you can say “I already have a job and I start at like 100 grand!”

I’m not bitter.


4)      Attempting to get a job. Applying for the job, not even getting a response, applying for 50 more jobs, getting one interview, not getting the job, getting the job that offers you a salary that ends up actually being equivalent to $9.00 an hour… you know, all that stuff.tumblr_n56l14vr8O1r1dkzgo1_500

5)      Watching other graduating seniors land jobs. Such as the aforementioned computer science majors.tumblr_mfutzawdHl1qa67fbo1_400


6)      NO MORE FRESHMEN. Sorry freshmen, we were there once too, but we don’t remember ever being so annoying or ever having such large backpacks.images

7)      NO MORE STAIRS! Well there will still be stairs in life but no more walking up 75 sets of stairs and up 2 hills just to get to class. Those stairs are the devil.toooo many stairs

8)      No more Towson construction. I’ll just leave that without an explanation.NO MORE!tumblr_mmocmjond41qbgstho1_500

9)      Sitting on the Tiger statue in your cap and gown. Best. Feeling. Ever.tumblr_lz427grYYY1qd76n9o1_500

10)   Walking across that stage being like “Yea, I lived through college. I’m a boss.”tumblr_n3j3w4vnvh1qjuuqbo1_250


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