5 Best Places to Tan on Campus

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to get your beach body ready, and that means getting some rays so you don’t look like a ghost straight out of a horror movie. You don’t need to travel to the beach or visit the tanning salon to get a sun kissed look. There are plenty of places around campus to get your tan on. Just don’t forget to pack sunscreen!

IMG_5429Freedom Square Freedom Square is a great place to sun bathe. You can lie out on the turf reading a book or doing homework while basking in the sunshine. However, there’s quite a lot of traffic there, so if you prefer a more secluded place to get your bronzed look, this might not be the best for you.   IMG_5424The Beach The Beach, located right outside of Cook Library, is another excellent place to sunbathe. Grab a towel and some sunscreen and you’re ready to go! Just make sure to snatch a spot that’s not shaded by the trees. IMG_5423   The Academic Quad The Academic Quad, the field right between Liberal Arts, Res Tower, and Dowell is a perfect place to get your tan on while watching an exciting game of football or frisbee. It’s right by Newell, so if you get hungry while you’re lounging, there’s a dining hall just a short walk away.   IMG_5420Tiger Plaza Tiger Plaza, the field between Burdick and Liberal Arts, is yet another perfect place to bathe in the sun. If you’re looking for a place to tan that has a bit less people around, this is the perfect spot for you.   image West Village Quad If you live in West Village, you may not want to travel all the way over to the other side of campus to toast yourself. Have no fear, the West Village Quad is an optimal place to do so. Watch the tight-rope walkers as you catch some rays, then stop by the West Village Commons to grab a bite to eat when you’re finished. – Ceanne West

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