10 things That Make Towson the Best School Ever.

It’s almost time for me to graduate, and I’m getting a little sentimental. So here are 10 things that make Towson the best fricken school ever. Ever. 1) Getting away with paying less than $30,000 a year, unlike private schools. tumblr_mxwtm03r9t1t3ml1po1_250

2) Wearing your gay pride like it’s the best piece of clothing you owntumblr_m46enmYjdu1r5wd78 3) Having more gay friends than straight friends, and not caring one bit. Like at all.tumblr_n45w26Zh5C1sor4z6o1_500 4) Telling the chef at the WVC that you want them to add a Taco Bar, and then they actually add a taco bar. tumblr_mkgsb0lGzo1r0k7s6o1_400 5) Having an educated argument with your professor about a class topic, and being regarded as an equal, or even winning the argument. tumblr_n4ho2agTET1stb99no1_400 6) Drawing or writing whatever you want on a huge chalkboard in the middle of campus, and not getting in trouble for it. Maybe even getting praise for it.1939796_10151968488483861_533036851_n 7) Attending monthly feminism meetings, at which you discuss feminism and other interesting topics with fellow students and professors, again, all as equals. You go be that feminist. Do it.tumblr_n4g8007dPe1qaobbko1_500 8) Walking around campus and seeing a bunch of “Love Is” and “Love Isn’t” posters featuring students with real stories, promoting healthy relationships and fighting to end domestic violence. And this is totally normal to you. Normal and amazing, and it makes you as happy as this alpaca. tumblr_n2skdvpShJ1s0pzk6o1_400Look at how happy that animal is. 9) The simple fact that there is an LGBT Faculty/Staff social. tumblr_n4g44aFy9g1rwzq4jo1_500 10) Also little things like Tigerfest, Mistletoe Meltdown, Halloweek, LaborStay, The Big Event, I ❤ Female Orgasm, Sex In the Dark, and DeStress Fest. I’m not even getting them all but you get the point.tumblr_mlijhcqzen1snbyqxo1_250 Towson is the best why do I have to graduate I’m just going to stay here forever.   -Lexy

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