Six GENIUS Participation Hacks for Acing College Classes

Partic1Like Albert Einstein once famously tweeted: “Skool iz hard.” But more importantly is a quote by his mother, Pauline Einstein, who said “Keep on truckin’ Albert!” Participation grades are a sleepy college student’s version of nails on a chalkboard, and also they’re stupid and we hate them. But the semester is not yet over, so here are 6 hacks to help you right the ship and get an adequate participation grade this semester!   1. PiggybackingParti3  The piggyback is an ancient technique that dates all the way back to Son’s of Liberty meetings in the late 1700s. First employed by Patrick Henry, the piggyback is done by listening to the answer of a classmate, then raising your hand to agree with them, but slightly changing the words. Like this:

Classmate: One of the toughest challenges of international marketing is the language barrier, because of loss of translation.

You: I agree and I think that language differences are a huge challenge, because, I mean, if we can’t understand each other, it will be really hard to meet our goals.

A+ 🙂

parti42. Channel “Sir Guessalot” While the piggyback is for the wordsmith, this hack is for those devoid of ego. Although this sounds like a complicated character from Barney Stinson’s playbook, Sir Guessalot is very easy to pull off. Simply enough, if your professor gives points just for participating, take wild, ridiculous guesses. Right or wrong, you’re racking up the points, big fella! NICE! 3. Become a StorytellerParti2  While most classes require you to know the material to participate, sometimes they do not… and this is where you come in! You shine brightest when professors ask a personal question that is slightly related to the material, but it really isn’t. Like, you might not know much about your EDUC core class, but you can certainly “think of a time when a teacher or professor was not meeting your needs.” Parti54. Learn to tWin  Ahh, you sly devil. Maybe the toughest of these hacks, the tWin, requires you to sit next to a chatty lookalike. This way, when the professor gives out participation marks, he or she may mistake you for your doppelganger, giving you the quickest directions to downtown A-city. 5. The Old Sneak-a-PeekThe Breakfast Club movie image  Now here’s a question: why READ chapter 11 for class when you can BRING chapter 11 for class?? Doing something like that puts the ‘crazy’ in It literally can’t get any easier than bringing your book to class and spitting out facts that are right in front of your face! parti76. Actually Read Hahahahahaha! But seriously… Watch this:  

-Mike T.

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