The 75 Thoughts You Have While on the Treadmill at Burdick….

We all know we have a million and one thoughts while running.  Here is just 75 of them… 1. Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill… 2. Oh! There’s one! 3. Freggin’ A, that was my treadmill! I mentally called it! 4. Ha ha! Beat ya to this one, green booty shorts! 5. Oh crap, I should probably do that stretching thing… 6. Isn’t that what the serious runners do? 7. What a nice brisk walk I have going here. dogs-running-on-a-treadmill_8118. Dear Lord… why is everyone else running?! 9. Crank it up! Get your chicken legs in gear! ad1405d3a2d9ddda6b62a60b89a4abf0-dancing-guy-loses-shoes-on-treadmill10. BUT DON’T DIE IN FRONT OF THESE PEOPLE. 11. Is that smell me? 12. Is that what’s-his-name?! 13. HELLLOOOOOO, What’s-His-Name! 14. Oh great, we got a real speedster next to me… tumblr_mydbr6TMbX1sz59s2o1_50015. Phew!  That guy is running slower than me.  We’re good. 16. Welcome back Mr. What’s-His-Name! 17. Well, this isn’t a bad view. 18.  Awkward. You, good sir in the blue, need to lessen the weight on your lift. 19. Oh…my…just please… stop before you hurt yourself! 20. Is he dead?! 21. **start singing lyrics to music** “Drunk In LOVEEEEEEEEE” Brad-Pitt-Workout22. Crap, did I sing that out loud? 23. Do you think anyone noticed? 24. Why am I talking to myself? 25. Eh, whatever– everyone has their headphones in… 26. Is that the right way to do that lift? 27. I should try that. 28. HAH! Orrrr maybe not. 29. But it could be fun…. 30. I could get the booty of Beyonce! 31. But I don’t wanna try it in front of all these beefy men. 32. Dang it! I’ll just buy the lift machine! 33. Wait, I have no money. 34. OMIGOSH, that outfit is so cute! 35. Where do you think she got those shorts? 36.  You really need to stop asking yourself questions. It’s weird. 37. Oh, they’re Under Armour. 38. THIS GIRL can’t afford that. 39. Crap, did I just raise my hand? 40. GREAT SONG! 41. What would people do if I fell off the treadmill? tumblr_mw5qzvDLw31s6wlblo1_50042. Would they laugh? 43. I don’t think I would be able to come back to the gym. 44. Would it hurt? 45. Oh– hell yes– it would. 46. Me vs. Treadmill. Treadmill will win every time. 47. Ok, this person has been running for like 20 minutes… fast as anything. HOW?! 48.  Is she running from someone? I don’t understand. 49. Am I sweating enough so people know I’m exercising? 50. Wait, am I sweating too much? 51. Do you think I could do a pit check without anyone noticing? 52.  There you go again with the questions! 53. CRAMP! 54. Ankle, why you gotta do me like this?! 55. Oh hello, Superman t-shirt! 56. OMIGOSH, he just looked this way and saw me staring. 57. Life over. 58. I’m that creep at the gym that stares at men. 59. But why does this other dude keep looking at me? 60. Eyes on the treadmill buddy! 61. I’m here to workout not peruse for men! 62.  How cool would it be if everyone on treadmills just simultaneously started reenacting the OK GO music video? 2245_d69063. Gah! Those security cameras could record it and we’d be YouTube famous! 64. Come on treadmillers! Read my mind, people! 65. Feel the power of the spontaneity! 66. No? No one?  Cool. 67.  You, there! Good sir, let’s do this dance! 68. Oh, no. I’m not trying to wink at you. 69.  Oh jeez, I just started something else… 70. Maybe we should just try looking forward and running. 71. Holy crap, I just ran three miles! 72. That went by quick. 73. I feel like I could run 3 more! 74. LOL, just kidding. I feel like I’m about to die. 75. Ok, time to go die on the mats. tumblr_m9g15gIwp01rqfhi2o1_500 -Becca

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