6 Ways the SGA Debate Will Be Better than a TV Show

The SGA Debate is in like 7 days, and I’m pretty excited about it. You’re probably sitting there reading this like “why is this girl excited about an SGA debate…” WELL HAVE NO FEAR! I’ll tell you. Let’s just think back about debates that we have watched in the past. Debates can get nasty, or hilarious. Let’s be real about how this debate can go. 1) A candidate could completely bomb and make a fool of themselves, like this. tumblr_inline_mtdzr6xv6l1s3msh9tumblr_inline_mv431xWNyw1rf8so2

2) A candidate could announce that they are Iron Man, like this. tumblr_mnyjwpVeoX1rmgso1o1_500 and then just walk out like BOOM. roasted. tumblr_mcbln9xp3v1qbzcn4o1_250 3) We could see the first bloom of the next Olivia Pope. How awesome would that be.tumblr_mcw6nvqPTq1qzzny4o1_r1_500 4) Some student could bring up some top secret Towson spy ring or a Towson fight club and catch a candidate totally off guard, and they’re just like tumblr_lmpbo7buMv1qcj7k0o1_500 and then the student is like my work here is done.tumblr_mgvrb75ege1rtkdlio4_r1_400 5) A student could bring up something actually important, and the candidate will either: A) Completely gloss over the question and give an answer that has absolutely no relation. tumblr_lmpe0cRM2S1qcj7k0o1_500 B) Say something actually worth hearing and they’re all satisfied liketumblr_ml9sw7qG4y1s3xrufo1_500 C) Completely gloss over the question and turn it into a lame dig at their opponentDAVID CROSS, JULIE BOWEN 6) Or all of this could happen, and you would miss it because you didn’t feel like going. debate_8.5x11 Just in case all of this awesome stuff happens simultaneously, make sure you’re there! It’s at 8PM Monday in the commons ballroom so get some food and then head over and watch the best debate you’ve ever seen in person ever.   -Lexy

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