8 Stats that Say Towson is a Better Sports School than College Park

tumd This is crazy for me to write, because as a high school senior in Spring 2011 when I clicked “Accept Enrollment” to TU, the sports fanatic in me ached. I knew during the next four years I’d be missing out on attending THE sports college in this great state: UMD College Park. My, how things have changed… Critics could talk about the strength of the CAA and our lack of history, and they will. But looking at these numbers I can confidently send a message to all of the haters like “TOWSON WE MADE IT!” ***Stats are since 2011 when I enrolled.   TU1 1. Since the 2010-2011 season, Towson Football’s record is 26-8 while Maryland… 13-24.   2. In that same time period, UMD Football is 0-1 in the postseason while Towson is 3-2 with a FCS National Championship appearance.

  • We realize that Maryland plays in bowl games and not playoffs. They have qualified for a bowl just 1 out of those 3 seasons.

  TU23. Players projected to go as high as the 3rd round of the 2014 NFL Draft: Towson-1 Maryland-0

  • TU running back Terrance West is projected as high as the 3rd, while the Terps’ best prospect (Marcus Whitfield) isn’t expected to go until the 4th.

  4. Home basketball games attended by the US President and/or Bill Murray: Towson- 5 Maryland-1

  • Each team has had one Obamaball game since ’10-11, but Towson takes the cake with four appearances from the Ghostbuster himself.

TU3 5. Over the past two seasons, Towson Men’s Basketball is 43-24. The Terrapins have won one less game during that span, and sit at 42-28.

  • True fact: Towson has not had to face Duke and North Carolina twice a year.
  • Truer fact: Maryland is equipped with over ten times the recruiting means and tools that TU is given. So cool it.

555942_10101135281119515_1909759888_n 6. Maryland’s dirt-old basketball stadium- the Comcast Center- is 12 years old, while Towson’s SECU Arena is just 8 months new.   7. The Tigers have won one baseball conference championship in the past three years, while Maryland has failed to win any. -Maryland baseball has actually never won the ACC 8. MASCOT STAT: Sumatran tigers eat around 40 pounds of meat a day, while a Terrapin….. ZERO POUNDS. Doc > Testudo.  

-Mike T.


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  1. This is stupid. They’re not in the same conference. If you want to see who is a better school thy need to go head to head in every sport for more accurate comparison.

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