My Top Picks for Letterman’s Successor

As we all know, David Letterman is retiring at the end of 2015. I never really liked him anyway, so this isn’t much of a loss for me. (I’m obsessed with Fallon, check out the Thursday 4/10 edition of The Towerlight to see why.) But I do have some sweet ideas for who should replace him. 1. Oprah Winfrey.image My girl Oprah is the queen of the world. I think she is smart, clever, confident, wise and capable of anything. In high school, I would rush home from school to catch her show at 4 p.m. every single day. Her last show, I was a wreck. Tears, the ugly cry, the works. She may not be a comedian, but the woman is a legend. I think any show (not on OWN, sorry, Oprah) with her on it would do incredibly well. 2. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Two words for you: Golden Globes. While it may get costly to have two hosts, I think there is no better pick than these two lovely ladies. I think it’s time that they get their own show- I’d rather watch them then the Real Housewives of Wherever-the-Heck they’re from. They’re real life, down to earth funny. They’re moms. They’re women like me and you . Unless you’re a man. They’re perfect. And you know it. post-35854-Tina-Fey-Gravity-joke-at-Golde-LSJ5     3. The guy from the AT&T commercials. Well, now he’s also on SNL. If he had a show of sitting around a table with kids asking them questions, I’d watch it. Those commercials make me so happy, I can’t even being to describe it to you. I think he’s pretty funny anyway, so it would work out well. How is he on SNL? I’m too tired on Saturday nights to stay up that late. att-kid-commercial-disco-meme   Any other suggestions for the next throne of Late Night? UPDATE: Stephen Colbert has been announced as the official replacement! How do you guys think that will work out? (I feel like it’s totally random and came out of left field. But whatever! Team O forever.) Paige Whipple

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