Seriously Awesome Reasons Why You Should Love Your SGA

The SGA Elections are coming up in April, and it’s up to all of us to elect that best people to represent our school. Yet there are so many students who don’t really get what the SGA is. We all know that SGA exists, and most people know it stands for Student Government Association, but unless you’ve worked with them or you’re part of it, most people don’t know what they do or why we should care. Here’s the thing, you should probably care because they make a lot of pretty big decisions.

SGA-03-636x432For example, the SGA handles funding for student organizations like CAB, and funding for certain events like Tigerfest, and Homecoming. Those are pretty important. Funding for those events decides what kind of artist we can afford to get for Tigerfest, and how many other things we can do on the side like whether we have enough money for a moon bounce, or only enough for a cotton candy machine.

We all know events like Homecoming and Tigerfest are important, but they do things that are way more important than that. They give students a voice in areas and topics that are important to the school. Without the SGA, the way we feel about things like on campus food might not be heard or cared about. The SGA takes our voices and tries their best to make Towson change for the better.

Take the Bereavement Procedure, which the SGA just worked to pass for the Towson student body and will go into effect August 1st of this year. This procedure basically means that when you suffer the loss of someone close to you, you will be able to have five academic days off in order to grieve and two additional days to travel for any funeral arrangements. Here’s the best part: this procedure can be put in place when you suffer the loss of an individual with whom you had a significant relationship. Those relationships can include but aren’t limited to Uncles, Aunts, Cousins, Nieces or Nephews, Legal In-Laws, Parents or Guardians, Siblings, Spouse and Legal Civil Union Partners.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS!!? It means that we elected people for our SGA who care about the Election_Learn-Poster_2014_webadmental health and stability of Towson students. It means you’re not going to fail your class because the loss of your Grandmother made it impossible for you to do that final paper. That is now legally unacceptable at Towson. This procedure also shows Towson’s pride in equality for all. By including Legal Civil Union Partners in this policy, it’s showing support of gay rights (which let’s face it, Towson is pretty huge on equality.) If this procedure doesn’t show you that the SGA is important, I don’t know what will convince you.

The SGA is super important, so please make sure that you learn as much as you can, and take part in voting for the SGA elections this year! Go to the SGA debate on April 21st, and if you’re interested in becoming a part of the SGA and making a difference for all of us, come to the SGA Interest Meeting! There’s one tomorrow and Wednesday! Look for more SGA election info on our Facebook and Twitter pages and look for our election hashtag #BeHeardTU


-Lexy Wright

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