The 5 Stages of Towson Winter Weather Grief

explained by Mean Girls…

1. Denial and Isolation

tumblr_mn8cfyqlpl1rvkb0to1_500Mother Nature, you’re not like a regular mom, you’re a cold hearted mom. You make us want to stay indoors all day everyday but I’m still going to wear skirts and shorts like spring is here, because ya know sometimes you throw in that 55 degree day followed by an 8 degree day.  You are a GEM Towson Weather.

2. Anger

tumblr_m4qubfsitp1r6y67yo1_500To quote another famous movie: I’M SO FED UP WITH THIS MOTHER EFFING SNOW ON THIS MOTHER EFFING CAMPUS.

3. Bargaining

tumblr_inline_mtahzq1sz81rkgpi2Maybe we can go somewhere else for the weekend, somewhere warm. PSYCH! Everywhere in the northeast is snow covered and freezing.

4. Depression

tumblr_mohaq3amnc1s4xdz1o1_500I just have a lot of feelings and all this cold is turning my soul into a solid block of icy, Towson sadness.

5. Acceptance

tumblr_mhe6l1ppvj1s2k37wo1_500But hey spring is technically only a month away! Suck on that Winter! Yay Spring Equinox!

Much love,


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